Renowned Hollywood veteran Dennis Quaid, celebrated for his iconic role in the beloved classic “The Parent Trap,” has recently bared his soul in an exclusive interview, sharing how his unwavering Christian faith helped him conquer the darkest demons of addiction. Not only that, but he also unveiled his latest passion project, an awe-inspiring Christian album titled “Fallen: A Gospel Record For Sinners,” set to leave audiences moved and inspired.

In an amazing revelation, the 69-year-old star recounted his gripping journey of redemption, recounting the harrowing battle with cocaine addiction that threatened to derail his life and career back in the tumultuous ’90s. But it was his faith, like a steadfast beacon of light, that guided him through the treacherous storm.

In a candid tête-à-tête with People, featured on the prestigious August cover, Quaid divulged his profound “white light experience” during the nadir of his struggle with addiction. A moment of reckoning where he confronted the bleak reality of a life lost, confined to a cold prison cell, or stripped of everything he held dear. It was this epiphany that triggered a profound shift, leading him back to the embrace of Christianity.

As a true Texan, Quaid revealed that he had been raised with the teachings of Christianity, but it wasn’t until the battle against addiction dragged him to the edge that he truly found solace in his faith. Overcoming the shackles of addiction wasn’t just a physical victory for Quaid; it was a spiritual awakening. It led him on an exploration beyond the boundaries of his own faith, delving into sacred texts like the Bhagavad Gita and the Quran, seeking spiritual fulfillment and wisdom.

For Quaid, the post-addiction path to recovery meant filling the void left by harmful substances with something truly transformative. He found that profound connection with God provided the strength and resilience he needed to rebuild his life anew.

The forthcoming album, “Fallen,” slated for release this Friday, promises to be an extraordinary revelation of Quaid’s innermost struggles and victories. It’s not merely a collection of religious hymns but a self-reflective and soul-searching journey, mirroring the actor’s personal odyssey. He emphasized that this spiritual quest is universal, transcending religious labels, as everyone shares a unique relationship with the Divine.

While the mainstream music scene might churn out fleeting tunes that offer momentary pleasures, Quaid acknowledges the truth that lies within the eternal. Material indulgences, like drugs and alcohol, may offer a temporary illusion of happiness, but it’s the profound joy found in faith that endures for eternity.

In his latest chapter of life, blissfully united with his wife Laura Savoie since 2020, Quaid radiates genuine contentment, free from the fleeting allure of temporary happiness. His profound faith and personal growth have seeped into every fiber of his being, guiding his creative work on the gospel album, which stands as an eloquent testament to the transformative power of his faith.

As news of his upcoming gospel album reverberates through the airwaves, one can’t help but be stirred by the remarkable tale of Dennis Quaid’s triumphant journey through the shadowy depths of addiction to the luminous sanctuary of faith. The message of hope and redemption he shares is bound to touch the hearts of millions, transcending boundaries of belief and ideology.

With “Fallen: A Gospel Record For Sinners,” Dennis Quaid gifts the world a divine melody that soothes the soul, an album that will echo through the ages, resonating with those seeking salvation and solace in these tumultuous times.