In April 2022, Danny Bonaduce – best known for his role in “The Partridge Family” – came down with a sudden and severe illness that took away his ability to walk or talk. His wife Amy was the first to notice something was wrong and alerted him to seek help.

He told Good Morning America, “I couldn’t walk at all. I couldn’t balance. I couldn’t do anything like that.” He added, “She looked really nervous. And she said, ‘You’re not saying words, you’re not speaking English,’ which of course is preposterous to me. We called an ambulance and [it] took me to the hospital where I remained for the first five days and remember very little of it.”

Danny went on to say that he has no idea what caused the disease or what it is. He said, “I’m still working towards receiving a diagnosis. What I do know is, I need some time to focus on my health.”

After five days of testing, the former child star-turned-radio DJ still didn’t know what was wrong with him. “I’d seen my dad have a stroke, and it was the same thing. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t keep my balance. I slurred really badly. I couldn’t remember anything. He added, “I was hoping for a diagnosis, but did not get one.”

Bonaduce took to Twitter in April to announce that he would be taking some time off from his career. He wrote: “Some news to share. I’m taking a temporary medical leave from my radio show. I’ll share more when I know more. I’m still working towards receiving a diagnosis. What I know is, I need time to focus on my health. I love my job and talking to you guys & I’ll be back on the air soon. ”

On Instagram, he uploaded a photo of himself leaning on a cane with the message: “Charlie Chaplin, Willy Wonka, Danny Bonaduce. I’ve joined the club of cool guys with canes.”

He said that he can see how people would think that he caused this himself. He stated, “I’ve lived kind of a hard and fast life. And that’s how I think the people think of me: ‘Danny Bonaduce, nothing good can ever come of him.’”

However, based on his experience, he could not have possibly known that this would happen. He stated, “There was nothing that said this was gonna happen.”

Bonaduce found fame in the early ’70s playing ‘Danny Partridge’ on the sitcom hit “The Partridge Family,” which also starred Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, and Susan Dey. Though he has previously struggled with substance abuse, Bonaduce has been sober for many years now. He currently co-hosts “The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show” on Seattle radio station KZOK, a post he’s held since 2011.

After two months away, the actor explained that he was able to resume working. However, he urges his followers to “take time to consider your health and what you’re doing.” Bonaduce advised others to keep track of their health. He stated, “Take time to consider your health and what you’re doing. Pay attention.”

We’ve all heard it: We must live life to the hilt while also taking time off for our bodies, as well as our minds and spirits.