No matter where you are from in the world, you have more than likely heard of the term “living the American Dream.”

This term refers to people who either start off coming from a comfortable home and family life or from the complete opposite of barely having anything and growing up poor, but working hard and making something of themselves.

When a person lives the American dream, they are given the opportunity to do what they love, have fun while they are doing it, and they can make a very comfortable living off of doing what they love every day.

Zienna Sone is one of the people who is the very definition of what the American Dream should look like. Zienna is an Instagram model and influencer who has built quite a following for herself on this social media platform. She is originally from Denmark where she grew up with her family. Once she entered into adulthood, she came to the United States and started a new life for herself.

She came to our country to start a new life and live new adventures, with the goal of creating a place where she could document her adventures and share all of her adventures with people all over the world.

Zienna’s goal in moving to America was to document how she is now living the dream. She gets to go on exotic vacations, eat at fine dining, go to all the most exclusive places and have the time of her life while doing it…all while making money to live off of. She is certainly doing this now! She gets to live her dream and has built such a large Instagram following that she has been able to monetize that and live off of the money she makes from her fan base.

This is a truly beautiful woman on the outside, but she is also beautiful on the inside which we believe is what really draws people in and encourages them to follow her on social media. Even though she is a beautiful model and is now getting to live the life of luxury, she has remained true to her roots and has stayed humble which makes people love her all the more.
This is an Instagram influencer who is utilizing her spotlight to do much more than just brag on herself.

She happily tells her fans that it does not matter where they come from or what their upbringing looks like, if they work hard and keep pushing, they will find and be able to live what their idea of the American Dream looks like. She uses her Instagram platform as a means of encouraging others to pursue their version of the American Dream and find ways to enjoy their life just as she does.

Zienna has followers from all over the world, some that are living in other countries and some that are just getting their start in the United States, and it is her words and her pictures that capture just a little bit of her new life that helps to encourage people from all over the world to stay positive, stay excited, and work hard to achieve their goals and live the dream.
She has come to America and made the most of it, and is truly living the dream one post at a time!