The migrant crisis is hitting states hard, with Massachusetts now revealing staggering costs. As numbers surge, so do concerns over the strain on resources, environmental impact, and security risks. And guess who’s footing the bill? That’s right, hard-working taxpayers, many of whom never asked for this mess in the first place.

In Massachusetts alone, each migrant is being fed at an eye-watering cost of $64 per day, totaling a jaw-dropping $1 billion bill expected to hit taxpayers by 2025. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all served up courtesy of your tax dollars, with the state housing over 20,000 migrants and counting.

Thanks to Biden’s lax border policies, the influx shows no signs of slowing down, leaving facilities bursting at the seams. Taxpayer-funded venues like rec centers and even hotels are being repurposed to accommodate the overflow, all at the expense of hard-working Americans.

What’s more alarming is the lack of transparency in how these contracts are being awarded. Take Spinelli Raviol, for example, snagging a hefty $10 million, no-bid contract for six months. Republicans are rightfully demanding answers, but Democrats are conveniently tight-lipped.

Republican State Sen. Peter Durant hit the nail on the head, expressing concerns over where this money is coming from and where it’s going. Spoiler alert: it’s coming straight out of taxpayers’ pockets. The options? Either cough up more taxes or see essential services slashed. Neither option is appealing to the hardworking folks of Massachusetts.

It’s a story playing out across the nation. While some may champion open borders, it’s everyday Americans who are left holding the bag. This is a wakeup call for voters. Come November, it’s imperative to elect leaders who prioritize the needs of citizens over political posturing. The stakes couldn’t be higher.