People all around the world have used social media as a platform to connect with one another and share elements of their personal lives. Others, on the other hand, see it as a place where they can freely express their opinions.

People’s perceptions, judgments, and comments on these social networks can be made in a matter of seconds once they view your video. People instantly form their own opinions and judgments based on their own perspective after seeing a film like this one. We all know that such films do not capture the person completely. This is the story of a married couple who would want to share it with others.

Hannah Calverley and Travis Gober were extremely ecstatic to learn that they would be parents soon. The pair, however, does not know if their child will be a girl or a boy. They, like other expecting couples, chose to have a gender reveal party with their family and friends to keep the suspense going.

The young couple threw a party to commemorate the occasion with the people near and dear to them. Everyone was curious to hear whether Travis and Hannah were going to have a girl or a boy!

The young couple decided to have a baseball-themed gender reveal party. Hannah will throw a baseball, and her partner, Travis, will bat it with a bat during the actual sex reveal. The baby is considered to be a male as soon as the ball erupts with blue powder. And if it’s pink, they’ll be a girl.

The big reveal arrived at the end of the day of the event, when it was time to show off their new addition. The family and friends were in an open field, anxiously awaiting to find out which side got it correct for the baby’s gender. It must be recorded, just as all other events do.

Hannah throws the ball, and Travis hits it hard. When it burst, the dust dispersed, and Travis’ reaction was captured on video. After finding out he was having a boy, the father-to-be seemed shocked and ecstatic!

After his discovery, he ran to his male pals, who were also jumping for joy with him. The reason the movie went viral was not because of his unbridled joy, however due to the fact that he ran to his buddies after finding out the gender while a pregnant mother-to-be tried to chase down to celebrate with him.

The guys were jumping up and down, so Hannah had no choice but to give way.

People were quick to call him out and criticize him for his conduct, and they did so in no uncertain terms. Internet users were not afraid to slant him toward the dark side.

The post was flooded with comments. One person wrote, “Should be a moment between the ma and dad first before ‘the boys.” This person concluded their comment by writing, “You deserved better than this.”

Travis and Hannah were given the opportunity to tell their side of the story in an interview with Inside Edition. And Hannah seized this as a chance to defend her husband. She stated, “Travis is a great guy. One 15-second video definitely does not show his character.”

He also discussed his feelings on the matter. He stated, “I was just really shocked it was a boy because I really thought it was going to be a girl. I wish I could go back and change it, but we all know I love her.”

What are your thoughts about the father-to-be’s reaction? Was it appropriate for people to point out his conduct?