Being pregnant is a gift, but giving birth will never be simple for any woman who experiences it. Some men, on the other hand, believe that raising children is simple, which is why one husband’s remark that having four kids was “easy” was met with tears when his wife brought home her fourth.

A device that would stimulate contraction pains was hooked up to him, and he agreed to be experimented on so that he could have a taste of what he considered “easy.” His wife Jodie, who has been with him for 12 years, felt that now was the best time to document this amusing experiment.

In the viral video, Michael can be seen twisting in agony as he is being stimulated with contractions. Jodie tells him that she has chosen to show Tax what it’s like to have period pains and what every woman goes through during childbirth. Her husband lasted for a few seconds before he began tugging at the electrodes connected to his stomach.

He was flailing his legs and begging his wife, “Stop!” claiming that she should remove it.

After being told by his physical therapist to buy one to assist him with muscular discomfort caused by a knee injury, Michael and Jodie bought one of these machines. This was Jodie’s idea to connect it up because he keeps telling her that having a kid is simple. “It’s only period pain, get over it,” he added.

According to the spouse, at first, it felt strange, but then the discomfort increased and he felt like someone was stabbing him in his stomach, with pain radiating down his crotch. “It only went up to voltage five before I had to rip it off. I couldn’t take anymore,” said Michael.

After witnessing the agony that women endure during childbirth, this 47-year-old husband promptly retracted his nasty remarks after he had first-hand knowledge of what he called being stabbed in the groin. He revised his opinion on what his wife had been through four times. He also acknowledged that he would never put himself through it again.

He also stated that when his wife linked him to the machine, he had no clue what might happen next. “I didn’t believe the pain that women go through in childbirth,” he said. He acknowledged that he has no idea how women manage to do it. Jodie told him that the pain this equipment provides is nothing compared to how it feels in reality.

Jodie decided to put up their encounter on the internet, and their pals praised Michael for giving the machine a try before he started joking that he should stop acting like a baby after only a few minutes of pain when compared to the hours that women have to put up with.

The subject of this knowledge should not be overlooked, because it has significant ramifications. This discovery simply demonstrates that women may be stronger than men in certain areas. Nothing can compare to the delight and happiness that women experience when they find out they’re pregnant. They understand that giving birth might be painful, but all of the agonies will ultimately be worth it once you hold your healthy kid in your arms.