A one-year-old girl was placed in the care of a twenty-six-year-old Missouri man as a babysitter. Jayson Newlun told the baby’s parents that he would look after her and ensure that she had everything she needed when they were gone. The father of the little girl, who arrived early than expected, reportedly discovered Newlun sodomizing her, so he handed down a brutal beating with the child molester before calling the cops on him.

Newlun believed he had complete access to the one-year-old girl, which is why he abused her under her family’s roof. When the father of the little girl discovered Newlun abusing his daughter, he became enraged. He repeatedly beat the child molester while smacking him with a dresser drawer to make sure he understood his lesson.

The family was depending on Newlun to watch the one-year-old child while they ran to the grocery store. However, they realized too late that they had forgotten their government benefits WIC food assistance card, so they had come all the way back home to retrieve it before continuing with their shopping trip.

When they got home, the mother noticed that Newlun was no longer in the living room on the family’s couch. He was inside their baby daughter’s bedroom instead, which he wasn’t supposed to do. The mother went into the room and saw him take an inappropriate picture of her while was touching his own genitals. She was horrified when she also noticed that the babysitter was touching their infant daughter’s genitals as well.

The court documents unveil a harrowing story. Newlun was caught in the act when he ‘screamed,’ at which point the girl’s father intervened and tackled him to the ground. He then retrieved a dresser drawer and used it as a weapon, bashing Newlun again and again until he was immobilized. The father didn’t stop there- he also punched his attacker several times while holding him down against the floor of the infant’s bedroom

According to the girl’s family members, who spoke with police later, the assault happened while her parents were only gone from home for five or ten minutes. They had left to get a WIC card and returned home afterward.

According to the documents, in this case, Newlun was a family friend of the girl’s parents. They trusted him to watch their daughter while they ran to the store quickly to get food using their government benefits. However, it was the girl’s mother who caught Newlun abusing her child. She then went and got the father, who gave Newlun a beating – as seen in his mugshot when he was booked into Clay County Jail.

Neighbors stepped in and prevented the girl’s father from harming Newlun, according to a report. If the neighbor hadn’t arrived when they did, the girl’s father might have caused serious harm to the child molester.

While the family waited for police to arrive and arrest Newlun, the girl’s mother asked the child molester why he had abused her daughter. He explained that he didn’t know why he was mashing her face. When the girl’s mother stated again, “I hope you go down for this.”

Newlun said, “I do, too.”

After he was charged with child molestation, he was taken to the Clay County Detention Center. His bond was set at $250,000 because Missouri takes a tough stance on child molesters.