In a jaw-dropping incident captured on video, a notorious three-time felon unleashed chaos in a Las Vegas courtroom, leaping over the judicial bench during a sentencing hearing to physically attack a federal judge. The shocking altercation led to a full-blown brawl involving the felon and court officials, leaving the judge injured and a marshal hospitalized.

The dramatic event unfolded during the sentencing hearing of Deobra Redden, the defendant facing charges of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm in the Clark County Courts system. Redden and his attorney were fervently advocating for probation instead of incarceration. They argued that the 30-year-old Redden had turned a new leaf with a stable job and a renewed commitment to education, claiming he was earnestly attempting to learn from his past mistakes.

However, Judge Mary Kay Holthus was resolute in her skepticism, doubting that Redden, a repeat offender, had truly reformed. To drive her point home, Judge Holthus recited Redden’s extensive criminal history, which included three felonies, numerous misdemeanors, multiple incidents of domestic violence, and attempted home invasions. Addressing Redden directly after reading his rap sheet, Judge Holthus commented, “You’ve got a lot going on, sir.”

In response to the judge’s pointed remarks about Redden’s criminal past, his attorney asserted his belief that Redden could successfully complete probation. But Judge Holthus remained unconvinced, firmly stating, “I appreciate that, but I think it’s time that he get a taste of something else because – I just can’t, with that history.”

It was at this moment that Redden’s outburst escalated into a violent attack, affirming Judge Holthus’s doubts about his rehabilitation. Redden shouted obscenities and charged towards Judge Holthus, vaulting over the bench to assault her. He tackled her to the ground, sending flags behind her chair and the bench tumbling in the process.

Amidst the chaos, court marshals and officials rushed to Judge Holthus’s aid as Redden continued to lash out, directing punches at everyone involved in the courtroom brawl. Judge Holthus remained on the ground for several minutes after the attack, eventually rising to her feet, admitting that she had suffered a head injury during the altercation.

In a statement addressing the shocking incident, court information officer Mary Anne Price commended the heroic actions of court staff, law enforcement, and others who subdued the assailant. She emphasized the court’s unwavering commitment to a secure and safe courthouse environment for both the judiciary and the public. All protocols are currently under review to enhance security measures.

The statement further revealed that Judge Holthus sustained injuries during Redden’s sudden and vicious assault, and her condition is being closely monitored. As a result of the attack, Redden now faces not only the original charges for which he was before Judge Holthus but also three counts of battery on a protected person and additional battery charges stemming from the violent episode.

This alarming incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by the judicial system in maintaining order and safety in the courtroom. It is a testament to the resilience and dedication of those tasked with upholding justice in our communities, even in the face of unexpected and shocking events.