Did you break your wooden knife holder? Perhaps you don’t like having your knives out in the open in general?

The drawer may not be a safe place if you have children in the home. A man has thought similarly and decided that he wants to purchase a magnetic knife rack. Sadly, though, they tend to be quite expensive.

This is why the man has made his own magnetic knife rack. Now, so can you! The tools and items needed to make this rack are as follows: a selected piece of wood, safety goggles or glasses, power drill with a pilot hole drill bit, screws, wood glue, powerful magnets, and two metal picture hangers.

The first thing you want to do is put on your safety goggles or glasses. Now, drill holes in rows and columns on the wood. Be careful not to go all the way through the wood each time. Put a drop of glue in each of the holes and place the magnets in the holes. After the glue has dried, add the picture hangers.

Not only is this magnetic knife rack useful, but it can add some visual appeal to your kitchen. It can be described as rustic. In addition to knives, you can use this for other blades and kitchen tools. Put it above your stove for easier access to the utensils you’re cooking with.

A magnetic knife rack could also make a nice gift for loved ones who would be happy receiving additional convenience while cooking.