No one can resist a good Lip Sync Challenge, but the latest viral challenge has got cops in on the act and some of them are turning in amazingly entertaining videos. 7 News Miami explains how the challenge kicked off, noting: It all began in Texas, when the Bexar County Sheriffs Office shared a video of deputy Alexander Mena singing Fuiste Mala by the Kumbia Kings on June 19.

From there, it really took off, as 7 News Miami explains: Officers who handle social media for the department decided to post Menas video, saying he had a mean lip sync not many can beat. That prompted other law enforcement agencies to take on the challenge.

Law enforcement serves and protects, but turns out they can do a mean lip sync routine when the call is put out there.

The Nixa Police Department in Missouri threw their hat into the challenge ring and they didnt disappoint, with a fun take on the classic song Footloose by Kenny Loggins. The lip sync of this song has to, of course, include plenty of dancing and these cops are joined by community members to have an all out dance party.

The video starts with a shot of the police chiefs door opening, as he says that classic Kevin Bacon Footloose line I thought this was a party before instructing them to dance (complete with confetti). Theres a few shots of feet getting into the groove and cops showing off a their moves before the lip syncing begins.

The police department noted on Facebook: No budget, no production company (shot and edited by our Public Information Officer who studied film production), and all officers donated their time to participate. We believe in being responsible with tax payer dollars and we made an extra effort to do so while having fun.

They also extended a note of gratitude, writing: Thanks to everyone in the Nixa community who came out to dance with us! Yall are too much fun!

Among the many comments they received on their Facebook post were those who were clearly won over, with notes such as: This was awesome, Best one Ive seen, and This is my favorite so far good job.

Others were impressed that it was more than just the police involved, as people left comments including: Love how you guys included the community and other organizations! and You did a great job including so many from the community, and it looks like everyone had a blast!

Another commenter shared: Awesome video! It is so enjoyable seeing people come together in a community and having a good time dancing and carrying on! Love this stuff! Its good to watch something positive and competitive!

Among the comments left on YouTube were notes of praise, with one person sharing: Really loved this lip sync video!! Original, creative and it kept me smiling the entire time! Loved how you got your community involved too! Awesome job!! Thank you for your unselfish service and may God Bless every one of you and keep you safe!

Source: These Officers Dance Routine To A 34-Year-Old Song Had Me Smiling From Ear To Ear by internetroi