In the thrilling world of televised game shows, “Wheel of Fortune” has undoubtedly been a fan favorite for decades. On a recent Tuesday night episode, the show sparked a frenzy among its ardent followers when a contestant hailing from the Garden State, Nadine, took a daring leap into the “Wheel of Fortune” crossword. The pivotal clue: “butter.”

Guided by the ever-amiable game show host Pat Sajak, who reminded the contestant of the cardinal rule, “Don’t say anything, don’t add anything. Go ahead.”

Nadine faced the puzzle, and in a surprising twist, her response was a quirky collection of words: “Fly, Fingers, Bean, Nuts.”

Though Nadine used the word “nuts” in the plural form, rather than the singular “nut,” Sajak graciously accepted her answer. However, this seemingly innocuous decision ignited a passionate firestorm of controversy among die-hard “Wheel of Fortune” fans.

“She said ‘nuts,’ not ‘nut.’ Even closed captioning picked up the ‘s,'” protested one fan on X, formerly known as Twitter, sharing a screenshot of the puzzle with the incriminating closed caption display.

Another devoted follower chimed in, ” #WheelOfFortune missed the lady saying ‘nuts’ instead of ‘nut.’ Pat was too quick to confirm.”

“I caught that Nadine said ‘nuts,’ not ‘nut’!! No ‘S’ added!” exclaimed a comment.

This episode is not the first time Pat Sajak has come under scrutiny for his “Wheel of Fortune” rulings. Earlier in the year, contestant Ben Tucker found himself in an awkward predicament when attempting to solve a bonus round puzzle.

“Taunt a chuck guy? Chance guy… no, there’s no ‘C.’ Wacky guy. Taunt a wacky guy,” Tucker ventured for the Fun & Games category.

After the buzzer sounded and co-host Vanna White unveiled the letters spelling out “Taking a quick jog,” the 76-year-old host couldn’t resist a playful jab. “Wow, that was so unclose,” he quipped, “You just didn’t have the letters.”

Undeterred, Tucker shot back, “See, I don’t consider jogging fun and games,” rolling his eyes and throwing his arms in the air.

In the end, Tucker pocketed a cool $18,000 for his time on the show, and fans were quick to rally behind his argument.

Even “Wheel of Fortune” itself acknowledged the moment, sharing it on its official Instagram with the caption, “He has a point.”

In a momentous announcement that sent shockwaves through the “Wheel of Fortune” universe, Pat Sajak disclosed his retirement plans after an illustrious 42-year stint as the show’s beloved host. Just weeks later, the charismatic Ryan Seacrest was officially crowned as the new co-host of “Wheel of Fortune.”

Meanwhile, Vanna White solidified her commitment to the show, inking a contract that will keep her enchanting the audience through the 2025-26 season.

Sajak embarked on his “Wheel of Fortune” hosting journey in 1981, with the delightful Vanna White joining him in the following year. Their enduring partnership became synonymous with the show’s success, and their banter and camaraderie will undoubtedly be cherished by fans for years to come.

As “Wheel of Fortune” continues to evolve and embrace new horizons, the controversies and candid moments like these only serve to reinforce the show’s enduring legacy and its place in the hearts of fans worldwide.