In a move that has set tongues wagging, a woman has sparked controversy by revealing that she charges her boyfriend rent for staying over on weekends. Marystella ‘Malle’ Gómez, a popular social media influencer hailing from Colombia, made this surprising disclosure during an episode of the Los Platos Sucios podcast, hosted by Ana María Cardona.

Known for her lavish lifestyle and travel escapades, Malle nonchalantly shared, “He graces my abode during weekends, and a fee is still applicable.”

This revelation has not failed to elicit strong reactions from listeners, igniting a firestorm of debate online. The spectrum of opinions varies from approval of her decision to demand rent to outright condemnation of such a practice.

The responses have been sharply divided. Critics decried the move as a breach of trust, branding it as transactional love. Conversely, supporters argue that it is a demonstration of financial autonomy and a means to ensure an equitable relationship.

The reactions poured in thick and fast. One disbelieving user exclaimed, “Charging rent to your beloved for weekend stays? Utterly unacceptable!” On the flip side, a proponent postulated, “If he’s chipping in for expenses, it’s only fair game.”

The podcast host, Ana María Cardona, and guest influencer Isabela Rivera, also shared their perspectives. Cardona stressed the importance of openness and understanding in relationships, while Rivera emphasized the necessity for each couple to establish their own rules.

Financial independence, especially for women, took center stage in Marystella Gómez’s discourse during the podcast. She argued that the arrangement fosters equality and deters feelings of reliance in relationships.

The debate persists: Should rent be charged or not? Gómez’s unconventional approach with her boyfriend has ignited a larger conversation on financial dynamics, fairness, and relationship compatibility. Regardless of one’s stance, the dialogue prompts a reconsideration of traditional relationship norms and encourages discussions on the intersection of money and affection.

Whether you support or oppose Marystella Gómez’s practice, her revelation provokes contemplation on the changing landscape of financial dynamics within relationships and the delicate balance between financial autonomy and love.