A Florida fashion designer wanted to show off some of her unique designs. Shamekia Morris, 29, a tattoo lover, covered her one-year-old baby boy in fake body art from head to toe as a way of celebrating his birth. Despite the outrage of critics who accused the mother of raising a “thug” and “gangster,” Morris began putting temporary body art on Treylin when he was only six months old and has no intention of stopping.

People on the internet have branded her a “bad mom” and accused her of sending her child down the wrong path in life, despite the fact that she put fake tattoos on her infant. She spoke to Really about her compulsion to tattoo her son and how many people online are attacking her for it.

“I get a lot of backlash. People say I’m raising my son as a ‘gangster,’ a ‘thug,’ they’re not used to seeing a baby with tattoos,” she said to Truly.

Her family was not sympathetic until they saw how famous Treylin became on social media.

“When I first started tattooing Treylin, my family hated it because they don’t like that I have tattoos. My family was very upset,” she said. “But now that they see it could be something positive, they love it. ’Cause, when we’re out, he gets a lot of attention, and kids really love the tattoos.”

However, prior to giving birth, Morris’s enthusiasm for tattoos had drawn the ire of internet critics. Morris exhibited her tattoo collection during a maternity photoshoot at a tattoo shop as a way to demonstrate off the tattoos she has inked on her skin.

“When I was eight months [pregnant], I did a maternity shoot with my brothers at a tattoo shop,” she told the media outlet. “I got bullied on social media. All the comments were negative. People were saying my baby was going to be born with a whole bunch of tattoos. He’s going to have skin poison. It was crazy.”

Some of Morris’ internet followers, on the other hand, are not amused by her using makeup to put fake tattoos on her one-year-old kid. Her critics have claimed that her child will “get shot down in the streets” and that she is ““raising him for prison.”

She stated, “The backlash has been horrible. It hurts my feelings because I know I’m not a bad mom, and I get called all types of names. It’s crazy.”

Despite the hatred she receives on social media, Morris refuses to let it get her down. She continues to pursue her interest in tattoo artistry and has no intention of stopping putting phony tattoos on her young son.

“For the people that judge me, I don’t care because this is a lifestyle that we enjoy,” she continued. “If you’re judging someone off of a 30-second video on social media, that’s your business, but what you say or think about someone isn’t going to determine what they’re going to be in the future.”