One woman recently made a large demand of her future partner, compiling an extensive list of nine expectations for marriage. People are left scratching their heads as to how any man would be able to live up to this set of requirements while she herself does nothing in return. This lengthy overview shows exactly what is requested and why it may take a while before anyone attempts such a feat. Watch the video below or read the entire article that outlines each point on her stern checklist; either way, you’ll quickly understand why so many people think she’s completely off-base!

Above all, she requires her husband to be fully accountable for “pay the mortgage or rent and utilities” – which encompasses water, electricity, home insurance, and property taxes (if they own a house). Although not mentioned explicitly in her viral video, it is assumed that this also includes an internet connection and cable subscription.

When it concerns meals, the unmarried lady demands that her future husband “do most of the cooking.” She explains while she is an amazing chef, cooking isn’t something she enjoys.

Not only is he putting in a full-time effort and preparing all of the meals himself, but to top it off, his job description also requires him to “wash the dishes.” Is this really too much for one person? It’s certainly not an unreasonable request.

The man is responsibly expected to complete the entire laundry process from start to finish, “the whole thing from A to Z,” as explained by the woman. This entails washing and drying clothes, folding them neatly, and even ironing garments if necessary.

While having the husband “take out the trash” may not be too much of an ask, added on top of an already exhaustive list, it can begin to feel like a lot.

In addition to all of the work outside, husbands are also anticipated to shoulder “yard work” and “housework.” Although it can appear like a lot for one person – any homeowner understands how much time and effort yard maintenance requires – accomplishing all these tasks alongside managing employment is often exceedingly arduous.

“He has to be responsible for calling someone to get a broken pipe fixed.”

Last but not least, the man is expected to “upkeep on cars.” This involves refilling gas tanks, getting oil changes regularly, fixing tires, and any other car-related upkeep needs for each vehicle she wishes to own.

She desires a “date night at least twice a month.” Whether it’s a fun adventure or an extravagant surprise night out, your lady will be sure to relish the special moments with her man.

The 9th is an “annual honeymoon and separate family vacation.” She wishes for her honeymoon to be at a unique locale every year. “Two big trips per year.” She added, “And yes, my husband has to pay for it.”