While performing a stand-up comedy act in Massachusetts, New York City-based comic Pete Holmes observed that two individuals were “disrespecting” him while he was on stage. One of those two individuals, by chance, had been the former first daughter Malia Obama, so Holmes told her to “shut the f*** up” and continued with his set. Now, Holmes has revealed about his unpleasant encounter with Obama during an appearance on “Conan,” in which he explains what Obama and her companion did at the Comedy Studio in Somerville, Massachusetts, which is not far from Harvard University, where Malia is presently a student.

“I was doing standup, and I was watching the show before I went on, I was going on last, and there were these two hot women, young women, in the front, that the whole show were whispering,” Holmes stated. “It’s worse than heckling. What a Black Mirror nightmare to be doing standup, and there are two attractive girls – which is what made every nerd into a comedian – in the front row whispering and laughing at people on the stage, but in a bad way.”

The daughter of former President Barack Obama was one of the two women who were whispering. If it had been Malia, he might not have ranted at her with such force as he did because he would have been concerned about offending Secret Service agents who were most likely on duty to keep an eye on things.

“And then I go on last, and I tell a joke, and they’re whispering and laughing and giggling, and I’m just like, ‘What’s going on? I can see you.”’ Holmes stated. “They were in the front row. They were in the light like the spotlight was on them as well. And I just go, ‘What’s going on? I can see you. Please stop.’”

Rather than following the comedian’s instructions, Malia and her pal continued their side discussion in whispers. He decided to get a little harsher in his tone because they would not listen to him while he was “acting nice.”

“Then I get a little more like, ‘Shut up. Look at my face. I’m here to help,’” he said. “But you know, you push Petey too far. I’m like, ‘Please, shut the f*** up.’”

Holmes knew he had taunted the two ladies, but he was not finished yet. He decided to pull the curtain back on the pair because he thought everyone in the crowd would erupt into giggling at his harmless joke.

“And I go, ′I don’t care. Enjoy the show however you want. I just don’t want to see you,’ and I cover them with the curtain,” Holmes told Conan. “I thought this would get a big laugh. Nothing. The whole audience turns on me.”

Holmes didn’t realize why the audience was on the women’s side until after his act when he found out that he’d fooled Barack Obama’s eldest daughter.

“After the show, I find out it was Obama’s daughter. It was Malia! And her hot friend!” he stated. “She looked great. Terrible comedy audience. That’s a true story.”