A recent college graduate found herself in an emotional whirlwind as she opened up about the challenges of adapting to a conventional nine-to-five work schedule in her first professional role. Brielle, a resident of New Jersey, candidly shared her struggles in balancing a life outside her demanding daily commute and long work hours.

In a heartfelt video that quickly amassed over 1.5 million views, Brielle revealed that she barely had the time or energy to indulge in basic self-care activities like cooking or showering after returning home from work. She emphasized that her concerns were not specific to her job but rather a reflection of the demanding nature of the traditional 9-5 work structure.

The video garnered an outpouring of support from viewers, many of whom work in the marketing field alongside Brielle. Some even called for a transition to a four-day workweek, underlining the universal struggle for work-life balance.

Brielle’s journey to her current position was marked by five months of relentless job hunting and sending out countless applications daily. She made the move to New Jersey to accommodate her New York-based job, a decision driven by the exorbitant rent prices in the city.

With teary eyes, Brielle described the grueling daily routine, lamenting the extensive time it took to commute to and from her workplace. She admitted that life would be significantly easier if she lived within walking distance of her job, sharing, “I leave here and get on the train at like 7.30 am and I don’t get home until 6.15 pm earliest. I don’t have the time to do anything.”

In a subsequent video addressed to her TikTok followers, numbering around 118,800, Brielle revealed that on some days, she didn’t make it home until 7.30 pm. “I want to shower, eat my dinner, and go to sleep. I don’t have the time or energy to cook my dinner either,” she added, expressing her frustration at not being able to prioritize exercise.

Brielle believed that achieving a better work-life balance would be more attainable if she had the option to work from home. She acknowledged that things “could be worse” but bemoaned the exhaustion that enveloped her after long workdays.

Despite labeling herself as “emotional” and “dramatic” for worrying about making time for her personal life, such as dating and maintaining friendships, viewers flooded the comments with their own stories of battling the work-life juggle.

One commenter sympathized, saying, “It’s so repetitive and depressing. I feel you girl,” while another chimed in with, “Five days of work and two days off feels like hell, honestly.” Calls for a shorter workweek were common, with some suggesting that Gen Z should rise to management positions to collectively enforce a four-day workweek.

Others pointed out that the traditional 40-hour workweek was designed for an era when one person could manage household tasks, which is no longer feasible in today’s dual-income households.

However, not everyone was sympathetic to Brielle’s plight, with some sarcastically welcoming her to “the real world” and “adulthood.” One person even suggested, “You could always quit and join the military.”

In a subsequent video, Brielle acknowledged her luck and gratitude for securing her job so soon after college. She recognized that her schedule would be even more challenging with the added responsibilities of children or pets. She extended her empathy to working parents, understanding the mental and emotional toll such schedules could take.

Brielle concluded by advocating for a change in the current nine-to-five work structure in America. She argued that it unfairly benefits corporations, the extremely wealthy, and influencers who aren’t bound by conventional schedules. Her plea echoed the sentiments of many who yearn for a more balanced work-life paradigm in an ever-evolving world.


im also getting sick leave me alone im emotional ok i feel 12 and im scared of not having time to live

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