The California city of San Francisco, controlled by the Democrats, has just instated a $1,200 monthly handout for low-income transgender individuals – but what has many people upset is not the amount of money being given out, it’s the application process for said funds. The application offers a range of options for transgender people who are looking to receive government benefits. There are 97 genders, 18 pronouns, and 19 sexual orientations that applicants can choose from when setting up their payout. This is a great way for the city government to provide support for those in need.

The program provides financial assistance to low-income transgender people who make less than $600 a month. Those accepted into the program will receive a monthly package of $1,200. In order to apply for government aid, applicants must fill out an online form that asks questions about their gender identity, contact information, income history and social security number. The form is ten pages long.

With more than 130 genders, pronouns, and sexualities to choose from, the San Francisco application asks people to “check all that apply.” This handout is aimed at helping transgender people out of poverty and includes as many gender options as possible.

Some of the more unique gender options on the application are “xenogender,” meaning someone whose gender is beyond human understanding. Another term for this is “genderf***,” which means someone who purposefully sends mixed signals about their gender and sex.

The “novigender” gender option is for individuals who feel that theirgender identity does not fit into any conventional category. “FTX” also falls under the “female to expansive” category, meaning someone who was assigned female at birth but identify as non-binary instead.

In addition to the standard application pronouns like “he,” “she,” “him,” and “her,” the paperwork for San Francisco also contains less common pronouns like “zie,” “zim,” “xe,” and “xyrs.”

The San Francisco form’s gender options are already complicated enough, but the application for the government handout also asks people to list their sexual orientation. This can be anything from more common ones like “heterosexual” or “homosexual.” Not to mention less mainstream orientations such as “same-gender loving” and “BDSM/kink.”

The San Francisco initiative has conservatives seething.

Jay Richards, from the right-wing Heritage Foundation, said: “Gender ideology is overrunning our culture, and vastly amplifying the number of minors and adults who suffer from gender dysphoria and gender confusion… Expect a growing population of needy, indigent people in San Francisco presenting as transgender.”

Aria Sa’id, the Transgender District President, stated: “By giving low-income trans people the resources to cover the expenses they deem most immediate and important given each person’s unique situation, we are implementing a truly community-centered intervention to combat poverty.”

San Francisco is not the only city to give handouts to members of the transgender community – Palm Springs has a similar initiative. In fact, $200,000 has been set aside for transgender and nonbinary residents in California’s desert community.