For all the Chip and Joanna fans, there is finally good news! The Gaineses will finally be back on television very soon. If you’re a die-hard lover of the two, then get your streaming services or cable satellite ready in order to enjoy the show. Whatever means you plan to use while watching, ensure it will offer access to the Magnolia Network, which is where the show will air. It’s exhilarating to see the Gaineses back on-screen with the new season of Fixer Upper. It’s been a long time coming, but you can finally hear “silo” and “shiplap,” plus any other words you like from the show again on your TV screen. The news that Chip and Joanna Gaines were leaving HGTV in 2017 broke a lot of people’s hearts. Lovers of the show were devastated. That’s why the news of them coming back on television is so exciting. Joanna was pregnant, and the decision was mainly influenced by them wanting to focus more on their family. Baby Crew, who’s their fifth child, was later born in June of 2018. After announcing their departure from HGTV, “Fixer Upper: Behind the Design,” which is their TV show, also stopped airing.

The couple is based in Waco, Texas, and they have managed to build a big fan base since they started the show. Therefore, despite their fans understanding why the show had to end, they still missed watching them do stunning renovations. One year afterward, the couple finally announced that they would finally be back on television. The different thing this time would be that they will be launching their own television network. That’s where the show would continue airing from. Magnolia Network announced via Twitter on August 4th. The tweet stated that a new season of the show would be out in 2021. The initial plan was Magnolia Network would take over the Discovery DIY Network. The network planned to do this by summer in 2020. However, things didn’t go according to plan due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore the network launch didn’t happen, and it was postponed to 2021. Fans couldn’t hide their excitement. The tweet went viral and was filled with comments and likes from fans of the show. They expressed how excited they were about the show coming back on television.

Chip also wrote on the Magnolia website sharing the fantastic news. In the blog post, he expressed that the past year helped them realize the content they want to share. Both of them will be sharing content that brings the world together to see things from a different perspective. They both intend to create and share content that connects them to their roots. Chip also gave viewers a heads up, letting them know things will be different when the show launches. There will be a few changes, but it will still pick up from where it left off. The changes are due to the break they took. They were able to become more enlightened about who they are. Chip and Joanna have learned how they do things best, and all the changes in the new season will reflect a better them. Although it’s clearly known that the new season will be launching in 2021, there is no exact date yet. So viewers will still have to wait until the official date is announced regarding when it will start to air.