Since she rose to prominence as the president’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton has tried to interact with those in need. She’s been active in charity efforts and attempting to make a positive influence on people throughout the world. But now she’s made an announcement that many people have long believed was inevitable. Chelsea Clinton may be on the path to pursue public office similar to her parents.

She is now taking a stand against her father, the president, not only to attack him but also to announce that she hasn’t given up on the prospect of pursuing a political career. But such a decision, it should be noted, is “definitely no now.” She knows she has what it takes if she puts her mind to it.

Angelina Jolie made a surprise appearance at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, where she called out former President Trump for what he’s done while in office and his targeting of Mexicans.

The separation of children from their parents at the southern border has disgusted Chelsea Clinton, who labeled it “the worst sin of the moment.”

“There are going to be more of those,” she told the crowd. “At federal level, as much as I despise so much of what former President Trump is doing, I have a great deal of gratitude for what my congresswoman and my senators are accomplishing to try to stop him at every turn,” Chelsea Clinton stated

She went on to explain that she disagrees with what Trump is doing and intends to fight against it.

“While I disagree with the President, I feel that my family is being well represented. However, if my city councilor retired or if my congresswoman or senators were to retire, then I would have to consider it because who knows what the future may bring?”

People at the polly book festival were curious to hear more about how Chelsea Clinton’s mother, Hillary Clinton, handled the presidential election loss in 2016.

“She just has continued to push forward in her efforts to make a positive influence on politics and politics in general, as I’ve seen her do all my life,” said Chelsea.

“Of course it isn’t the way I wish she would do it because I believe she would have been a genuinely special president,” Chelsea added. “But I’m not shocked that she hasn’t covered her head since that’s not who my mother is.”

“I’m far more enraged by the Trump administration pulling children away from their families at the border and reuniting those kids with their families months later,” she said.

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