A small town called Greenleaf in Canyon County, Idaho has put up some new welcome signs that have been generating mixed reactions from people throughout the state. The signs say, “Welcome to Greenleaf, Idaho. This is not a gun free zone.” They were put up a few months ago, and those who live in Greenleaf say that the signs reflect the attitude of many of the small town’s residents.

Kelly McBride, who has lived in Greenleaf for more than ten years, said that living in this small town is just like having one big family. She says that all of the residents having guns show that they are a respectable society. A total of five signs, all with the same inscription, were put up at each entrance point to the city. A member of the city council said that, in order for the sings to be put up, the Idaho Transportation Department had to approve two of the signs that were to be placed on Highway 19, and last year, those signs were approved.

Highway 19 is a state-owned highway, so the signs could not be placed there without the necessary approval. City council members also said that the signs were paid for using private donations, so the city did not have to pay anything to put them up.

Greenleaf has roughly 800 residents, and they urge every one of them to own a gun.

The city has an extremely low crime rate, and some residents say that the new signs add an extra layer of protection. While most residents approve of the signage, some argue that the message is unclear. Gordon Bates, a resident of the town, said that he had to read the message twice before it became clear to him. Overall, though, residents say that the new signs have just persuaded more people to live there, rather than turn them away.

“Myself, as a city councilman, and obviously the remainder of the City board concurs that gun-free zones are targets,” Jett stated. “If you take a look at the shootings that have actually taken place, they are gun-free zones. Schools, shopping malls and just recently churches. I desire individuals to understand that this is not a gun-free zone, and we are not a target.”

Jett stated Greenleaf is a village without a police, so it is necessary for homeowners to understand how to utilize weapons. Greenleaf depends on the Wilder Cops Department.

Indications point out a city regulation passed in 2006 motivating qualified weapon owners to look for correct training.

“We likewise pointed out that the Idaho Constitution mentions that the mayor of any city might call any person to impose the law if they need to,” Jett stated.

In addition, the regulation specifies that homeowners need to keep additional food and water products in case of an emergency situation or evacuation.

Idaho law presently prohibits weapons around schools and federal structures. Nevertheless, in an effort to remove gun-free zones, legislators authorized permitting hidden weapons on public university schools in 2015.

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