Bleach is a chlorine based cleanser good for eliminating stubborn stains from fabrics used for clothing, upholstering, carpeting, etc. It is not intended to be used as a toy, but like so many other things, misuse happens. There is now a popular app out called Tic Tok that a lot of teens find really cool and radical. Since teens get all bugged out by anything that is new or different or just the tiny bit edgy, they fall hook line and sinker for these kinds of apps. Call it a lack of a sense of mortality, many teens feel that they are invincible creatures who will never die. Teens are also susceptible to be “star struck” so they are always emulating that they will be the next big rock star on the horizon, so apps like Tic Tok take off every time due to the teenage overwhelming enthusiasm for the subject matter.

What Tic Tok is, is a kind of platform that lets kids showcase videos of them doing any number of things like singing, dancing, playing instruments, etc. They collect likes for their performances and become internet sensations based on the number of likes they collect. The latest phenomenon we’ll call the bleach phenomenon is geared to convince kids that they can change their eye color by holding a bag of bleach to their face. Of course this is erroneous and dangerous and kids should never try something like this, but some like Greg Lammers have been on Tic Tok saying it works. Some like the user jooliagoolia69 did film editing in an effort to convince kids that by using the bleach trick you could change your eye color from brown to blue, or vice versa. Of course this spoof and you really can’t do that, but kids tend to be fanatics and these kinds of things raise a lot of attention and spark a lot of interest.

It’s a fun fad, but like all fads, it is short lived and then on to the next big thing. Some substitute chlorine bleach with hand sanitizer and shaving cream, out it in a plastic bag, put it on their face close to the eye and wait. The eye that the bag is close to is supposed to miraculously change color. So much for kids being kids, susceptible and with no innate sense of mortality. The new app Tic Tok is available for use around the world and teens from all over are catching the latest rave, making, watching and liking videos, becoming the next new internet star and really enjoying it and having the time of their life. The social media video app has over 500 million viewers. More insane teen challenges in store? Possibly.