In the world of showbiz, where the spotlight often shines brightly, Lindsay Lohan has found herself at the center of a whirlwind of emotions. The beloved actress, known for her iconic role in the cult classic “Mean Girls,” is now making headlines for an entirely different reason. At 37, Lindsay has taken a stand, calling for the removal of a hurtful joke made at her expense from the upcoming musical remake of the very movie that catapulted her to stardom.

The controversy ignited when Tina Fey, the mastermind behind the original “Mean Girls” movie, decided to revisit the 2004 classic in a new, musical form. This revamped version, however, took an unexpected turn as rapper sensation Megan Thee Stallion, at 28, resurrected the derogatory term ‘fire crotch,’ which was once unkindly directed at Lindsay during her era of mingling with Paris Hilton back in 2006.

Lindsay’s disappointment with this inclusion was first conveyed through a representative, but now it’s clear she believes the line should be entirely expunged from the movie’s final cut. An insider close to Lindsay revealed that Tina Fey, the very creator of the joke, is acutely aware of how deeply it has wounded Lindsay. The insider further added that the studio shares Lindsay’s sentiments and recognizes that editing out the joke is not only the right thing to do but also a sign of respect.

Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, didn’t stay silent either. He criticized Tina Fey for allowing what he deemed a ‘condescending’ joke to make its way into the film. Michael expressed his disappointment not only with the new movie but also with all the spin-offs of “Mean Girls,” asserting that nothing can replace Lindsay’s unique talent and presence. He questioned why a sequel with the original cast wasn’t prioritized, believing it would have been far more successful and warmly received by the fans.

In the 2024 musical comedy, Megan Thee Stallion makes a cameo appearance, where she showers praise on the new queen bee of North Shore High School, Cady, portrayed by the talented Angourie Rice. During this scene, she delivers the ‘fire crotch’ quip, which instantly resonated with fans who remembered the 2006 incident involving Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis.

Ironically, Lindsay Lohan herself made a cameo appearance in the musical remake, unaware of the controversial joke’s inclusion until she attended the New York premiere. While Tina Fey commended Lindsay’s radiant presence in the original film, she has yet to publicly address Lindsay’s distress regarding the joke.

Despite the turbulence surrounding the ‘fire crotch’ controversy, the “Mean Girls” franchise remains a cultural phenomenon, with fans eagerly anticipating each new iteration. Lindsay Lohan’s iconic portrayal of Cady Heron and her unforgettable moments with the ‘Mathletes’ continue to be a cherished part of the film’s legacy. While the debate over the joke’s appropriateness rages on, one thing is indisputable – Lindsay Lohan’s indelible mark on “Mean Girls” remains timeless and irreplaceable.