An online dispute has ignited a fiery controversy within the culinary world as renowned chef John Mountain takes a bold stance by imposing a ban on vegans from his highly acclaimed restaurant, Fyre, located in the vibrant neighborhood of Connolly in Perth’s northern region.

Mountain, known for his exceptional culinary expertise and having worked alongside the legendary Marco Pierre White, recently expressed his decision on social media. In a heartfelt post, he regretfully announced that his restaurant would no longer cater to individuals who abstain from consuming meat and other animal-based products due to concerns regarding mental health.

“We deeply regret to inform you that, for mental health reasons, all vegans will no longer be served at Fyre,” Mountain shared, accompanied by a message of gratitude for the public’s understanding. He concluded the post with warm regards.

The ban came as a result of a heated argument between Mountain and a customer who expressed dissatisfaction with the vegan options available at the establishment. Frustrated by the confrontation, Mountain reached a breaking point, leading to his decision to ban all plant-based diners from his premises.

Expressing his frustration, Mountain exclaimed, “I’ve had enough of these vegans… I’m done. Ultimately, it’s not the path I wish to pursue. They are free to seek alternatives elsewhere.”

Mountain clarified that the dispute began when a young woman contacted the restaurant before her visit, inquiring about vegan meal choices. He assured her that options such as gnocchi and various vegetables would be available. Unfortunately, due to a private event on the same evening, Mountain inadvertently overlooked the woman’s request, resulting in her disappointment.

The dissatisfied customer voiced her concerns to the sous chef and later to Mountain himself, expressing her disappointment in the limited vegan options. In a direct message, she shared, “It is crucial for restaurants nowadays to be able to cater to all dietary preferences. The absence of plant-based dishes reveals a shortcoming in your culinary repertoire. Having lived in Connolly for an extended period, I have witnessed numerous restaurants come and go within that space, none of which stood the test of time. Unless you adapt, I fear that your establishment may share a similar fate.”

Mountain responded directly to the woman, defending himself, before taking his decision public. “Thank you for your negative review… Feel free to share your unpleasant experience, and I eagerly anticipate never encountering you again,” he retorted in his message. “How immature. You and your vegan companions can enjoy your meals elsewhere. Consider yourselves banned.”

Since the ban garnered public attention, Fyre has been inundated with negative one-star reviews, adversely impacting the restaurant’s reputation and financial stability, something Mountain deeply laments.

Nevertheless, amidst the backlash, Mountain has also received unwavering support from avid meat-eaters who appreciate his culinary mastery, with many awarding his establishment five stars despite never having visited.

The story of Chef John Mountain’s stand against vegans continues to make waves within the culinary community, raising questions about dietary preferences, accommodating diverse tastes, and the delicate balance between chefs’ creative expression and meeting customer expectations.

As this saga unfolds, only time will tell if Fyre can weather this storm and emerge stronger, or if its fate will mirror the many establishments that have come and gone in Connolly’s vibrant dining scene.