The Black community was outraged when Kanye West appeared in public wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt. People were shocked that West, a prominent African-American rapper, would put the catchphrase of the white supremacist agenda on his body during an appearance in Paris, France. After West wore a shirt with the words “White Lives Matter” on it, conservative commentator Candace Owens said that Black people should instead be worried about “Black on Black” crime.

Owens and West both donned White Lives Matter t-shirts at the Yeezy season 9 fashion show in Paris to express their love of white culture while outwardly degrading blackness. Unfortunately, this wasn’t limited to just the duo as Black models, including Bob Marley’s granddaughter, were also made to wear these shirt on the Paris catwalk.

Since Owens and West showed up to the fashion show wearing T-shirts with racist messages, they have been harshly criticized by many people, including well-known celebrities. For example, Fashion icon Gigi Hadid publicly scolded them for their insensitive and offensive actions. By donning the much-disputed white lives matter shirts, Owens and West were parable to those claiming their approval of white supremacy and carelessly promoting a brutal objective that longs for Black persons’ demise.

On her DailyWire+ podcast, Owens stated that it is false to say her shirt with the White Lives Matter slogan took away from the Black Lives Matter movement. She stated that the online critics were excessively mean for attacking her and the conservative Black rapper for wearing the disputed shirts.

Owens stated on her podcast that “Black on Black” crime and obesity were among the biggest killers in the Black community – not white supremacists who are intent on bringing back slavery and a racially-divided society.

In a statement that Lizzo, a liberal singer, took as an attack, Owens said: “We should have put a White Lives Matter T-shirt on Lizzo. Maybe we could have gotten a lot of attention about obesity and how it’s actually killing black Americans.”

Owens said angrily during her podcast: “Usually I begin every episode with a question of the day… The big one being, why did Candace Owens and Kanye West wear White Lives Matter T-shirts last night at his Yeezy season nine show here in Paris? A T-shirt that says White Lives Matter, which should be implied, right? White lives matter. Black Lives Matter. Asian Lives Matter. It should be implied. Yet people are angry, and they are being vicious online because they can’t believe that we have the audacity to detract from the [Black Lives Matter] movement, which is a lie.”

She continued, “They tell those same Black people that they need to be outraged when a Planned Parenthood clinic shuts down… and yet a T-shirt is what got attention last night. ‘But that’s not the only thing that’s killing black America… We also know obesity is killing Black America. You know what we should have done?”