In a resolute stance against the tide of moral relativism, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, former head of the Vatican’s doctrinal office, has issued a compelling call for the excommunication of President Joe Biden. The cardinal’s condemnation stems from President Biden’s unwavering support for abortion rights, a stance starkly at odds with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, Cardinal Müller underscored the gravity of the abortion debate, particularly as it intersects with political agendas. Notably, figures like Representative Nancy Pelosi and President Biden have aligned themselves with pro-abortion factions, forsaking the timeless principles espoused by the Church.

Cardinal Müller’s words carry the weight of centuries-old doctrine. He passionately articulated, “Abortion is not merely a euphemism; it is the extinguishing of innocent life, an act of violence against humanity itself.” Drawing a parallel to history’s darkest chapters, he equated abortion and euthanasia with the atrocities of the Nazi regime, vehemently denouncing any attempt to rationalize such acts.

Challenging the sincerity of President Biden’s professed Catholicism, Cardinal Müller castigated him as a political opportunist, accusing him of nihilism. “Biden’s purported faith is a facade,” declared the cardinal, highlighting the chasm between professed belief and ethical practice.

The prospect of excommunication looms large in Cardinal Müller’s discourse. He emphasized the necessity of a unified stance from the U.S. bishops and other Christian leaders, urging a clear and unequivocal denunciation of abortion as antithetical to human dignity. Such a statement, Cardinal Müller insisted, must decree the excommunication of those in positions of public responsibility who advocate for abortion.

Expounding further, Cardinal Müller issued a sobering warning regarding the spiritual consequences of such actions. Even if not formally excommunicated, individuals like Biden who partake in Holy Communion without repentance, according to the cardinal’s interpretation of Saint Paul, invite condemnation upon themselves.

The cardinal’s rebuke extends beyond political critique to a fundamental interrogation of the essence of faith. He questioned the authenticity of Biden’s Catholic education, challenging him to reflect on the true nature of religious commitment. “Religion is not a mere sentiment; it demands total surrender to God and service to others,” declared Cardinal Müller, underscoring the profound responsibility inherent in Christian belief.

President Biden’s stance on abortion stands in stark contrast to the moral imperative articulated by Cardinal Müller and the Catholic Church. As the debate rages on, the cardinal’s impassioned plea for moral clarity reverberates, urging believers to uphold the sanctity of life and the integrity of their faith.