An elephant in this optical illusion may demonstrate how good your eyesight truly is.

According to reports, the hidden picture of the animal is only visible by 1% of people – yet fear not, because there’s a method to assist you.

TikTok star Hectic Nick posted the stunning video to challenge his followers to figure out the riddle.

“Only one percent of people can find the hidden elephant in this image,” he wrote.

“It’s not easy, but try flipping your phone over and you might be able to find it.”

“Send this to a friend and see what they do.”

Many people were mystified by the image, which left them searching for the animal in an upside-down photograph.

The penny finally dropped that the elephant was hidden in the background, with the two big trees serving as its legs and a tiny tree as its trunk.

One exasperated user commented: “I took ten hours to find this.”

Another added: “It’s the trees.”

A third bold individual, meanwhile, chimed in.: “Saw it without having to flip. I guess I’m in the one percent.”

Meantime, in a busy brainteaser, viewers were tasked with locating the crown.

It is scheduled ahead of the country’s most anticipated Jubilee celebrations, which begin next week.

An optical illusion reveals whether you’re brave and curious, or if you have a proactive approach to disregarding your feelings.

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