It’s like a “Where’s Wally?” search on the fast track.

The following optical illusion, which perplexers are challenged to find all six animals, has attracted a large number of followers on social media.

The visual riddle was originally published on the BhaviniOnline brain teaser website last month, but it is now going viral as people try to figure out how to solve it: “Can you find the 6 animals hidden in the picture?” asks the description for this “I Spy” race.

Only 17% of people can spot all of the camouflaged animals, according to the Sun; one may set a new planet record by finding all six in under six seconds.

The scenery, on the surface, appears to be a typical landscape with a number of mountains, meadows, forests, and bushes.

However, a closer look reveals that the image contains six creatures.

A gray camel camouflaged against the hills, a crocodile on the left tree with bark for scales, a sepia-tone deer hidden among both a tree and grass, a literal snake in the grass, and a butterfly in the flower patch are some of them.

The green rabbit, which is hiding in the leaves of the right-side tree, directly above the camel’s head, is the most difficult to locate.

The sight safari isn’t the only animal-based illusion to enrage social media users. Another perplexing brain teaser has left puzzle fans vexed, requiring them to find the blue-eyed fox in record time.

Meanwhile, just the top 1% of people are able to discover all of the creatures in this perplexing silhouette bear illustration.