Caitlyn Jenner has been gained quite a lot of attention due to the unique nature of life. Ever since her controversial sex change experience, Caitlyn has been living a fruitful life. She has been working on various business ventures, the most recent being the debut of sunblock products. Currently at 70 years of age, Caitlyn has been quite creative with her approaches to business. For instance, she recently gave fans a rare glimpse of her naked body while having fun at a private pool.

Noticeably, the picture does not have tanning lines that occur over time due to wearing bikinis. Any keen eye would notice that it’s a massive sign that Caitlyn loves spending most of her time topless alongside her girlfriend. Aside from marketing her new sunblock product, she has also worn her Olympic gold medal and designer eyewear in the photo. She is famous for taking part and winning a 1979 Decathalon, which skyrocketed her net worth significantly. Her aura in this picture depicts a sign of self-confidence and success in life. The sunblock product goes by Lumasol, and she created the product alongside her business partner Sophia Hutchins. However, the design of the spray needs overhauling, as it has an unusual appearance. The caption for this post included the symbolic meaning that Jenner and her business want to assign to the product. It read, “Relaxin with my two besties, mylumasol and medal.”

Jenner has amassed an enormous following, with followers thronging the comments sections with positive remarks. For instance, one fan wrote, “You look so stunning.” Over the past few years since she decided to change her gender, Jenner continues to live a successful life. Some other fans mentioned various positive things on the image photo, including, “Cait, you look dope.” Another fan also noted, “Look at Caitlyn skinning dipping and having a good time.” All these comments have had a positive impact on the perception fans have of the lumasol product. It has been an excellent strategic move by Caitlyn. While other people in her family, like Kanye West, have been hitting the news for the wrong reasons, Caitlyn has lived a relatively low-key life. Instead, she has a focus on developing her brand and increasing her fortune. While not many people can afford the luxurious lumasol sunblock product, it’s a step in the right direction for Jenner. It’s the same situation as when Kendal Jenner recently unveiled the teeth whitening company. Through all these ventures, Caitlyn has shown that one can still live a fulfilling life despite societal criticism. Many thought that the sex change would have a massive and negative impact on her life. However, she has proved her doubters wrong and continues to hit the news headlines for all the right reasons.