Kids are blessings from God and are to be cherished. It is no wonder that many parents would do anything in their power to see them happy and safe. Despite this, there are a few exceptions where some parents prove irresponsible and heartless. You have heard stories of parents who would do anything to harm their kids. In most cases, they are the product of bad parenting or a mental condition that makes them dangerous people like those with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Though mothers are known to be the most protective individuals, some risk their kids’ lives for a man. Some kill them while others leave them to starve to secure their relationships, being the most stupid things one can ever think of. The bright future and life of James Robert Hutchinson were cut short the day his mother, Brittany Gosney, decided to head to his boyfriend’s instruction. The horrific incident happened some days to 28th February 2021, the day he was reported missing by his mother and the alleged boyfriend, James Hamilton.

Innocently, after Ohio’s police officers received information about the missing children, they began their search with the hope of reuniting them with their mother. After interrogating Both James and Brittany, the intelligent officers noted there was something fishy because they gave contradicting statements. It was thus apparent that they were hiding something from authorities in a bid to mislead them on the whereabouts of their children and the motive for their disappearance. Soon, Brittany Gosney’s lies and deceit began unraveling after she confessed about abandoning her kids in an attempt to run away with James Hamilton but failed because her youngest son refused to let go of the car. After she ditched her kids at a public park in Preble County, one of the kids, James Robert Hutchinson, could not fathom that his mother was leaving them, thus clinging to her moving car. Since her mother was driving at a vast speed after the heinous act, James was not lucky and died after being dragged on the road. Despite dying in Preble, his body was discovered in Ohio River in Middletown, where police believe he was transported and thrown by his mother and her boyfriend in an attempt to conceal evidence.

After Brittany realized that her dark secrets were unraveling, she could not lie anymore and confessed of abandoning her kids to run away with James Hamilton. She also admitted that they drove to Rush Run Wildlife Area at 3 am, leaving the kids aged nine, seven, and six (James) on their own in the empty wilderness. However, things did not go as planned because James Robert Hutchinson refused to let the car leave without him, and thus his mother, unfortunately, run over him with the speeding car, dying on the spot. The horrific incident has left many people speechless with anger and sadness. While most are angry at Brittany for abandoning her kids, others feel so sorry for young James, who never got to enjoy his life as it should have been. He could not experience growing up because his mother decided that killing him is what she wanted even after being given the right to live by his creator. As it seems now, Brittany and her lover are set to face life imprisonment if convicted of all charges leveled against them, which include murder and child abandonment, among others.