Brides are igniting a debate about becoming of the ages by opting to don white bedazzled crocs at their nuptials – is it chic or simply too much?

The bride has been leading the popular trend of wearing fashionable shoes with words like ‘wifey’ and ‘I do’, but lately, we’ve seen entire bridal parties rocking these statement pieces to add a touch of glamour and fun to weddings.

Though some might view it as ‘classless’ and ‘gross’, others argue that this trend creates an enjoyable atmosphere where the wedding party can dance all night long – a logical solution to any reception.

‘That’s the problem. People have no class anymore. No one dresses up, it’s all about comfort,’ One critic remarked with horror.

‘I hate few things in life but crocs are at the top of my list, and when coordinated with an outfit. Lord help me I physically shudder,’ another person wrote.

One cheerful bride expressed that she doesn’t have a single regret when it comes to her choice of bedazzled crocs as wedding shoes – because they kept her comfortable all evening!

Fans of these $70 shoes sing their praises due to the unparalleled comfort, breathability and lightweight construction.

If you’re looking for a little extra lift, the brand’s platform clogs may be the solution. Numerous people have embraced them as an ideal accompaniment to any dress!

‘I am not a heel person at all – Converse for the ceremony and crocs for the reception,’ one bride stated.

‘The appearance is not unpleasant and lets face it, dancing in heels is painful and challenging. One must be comfortable to enjoy such a wonderful and momentous day,’ another added.

‘Comfortable happy feet means happy bridesmaids,’ another said.

Yet, some believed that if heels were a concern for the wedding party, the bridal party should don ballet flats or wait until after taking their vows to slip into crocs.

‘That looks gross. Just being honest. They surely could of worn a flat pretty sandal or shoe. I hope the bride didn’t wear her crocs. Such a turn off,’ one woman said.

Despite the controversy, wedding crocs have seen incredible success and routinely retail for $200 to $300 online.

While some opt to adorn their shoes with lavish items such as pearls, diamonds and gold & silver chains, others favour the addition of shimmering jibbitzs, letters spelling out words or oversized flowers.