Brad Pitt is one of this generation’s most loved celebrities. He has acted in many big-name movies and is a staple in Hollywood. Many would believe that his life has been easy because of how successful his career has been, but he has recently said otherwise. Pitt decided that it was time to be honest about something that had been going on in his life when talking with a longtime friend and fellow actor, Anthony Hopkins. They had worked on a few movies together, including Legends of the Fall, and Pitt was comfortable sitting down for the conversation with the older actor.

Brad Pitt shocked many when he admitted that he had struggled with alcohol. He said that he would go to it when he felt the need for an escape. He was constantly in the spotlight and had a lot of pressure on him because of that. When he wanted to take a break, he would drink. Anthony Hopkins asked him if the drinking ever became so big for him that he felt that he couldn’t do without it, and Pitt answered bluntly that it had. He isn’t the only celebrity to feel that way, and Hopkins also struggled with alcohol in the past. The older actor had shared his story with Pitt when they were working on the film Meet Joe Black.

Brad Pitt saw how his friend had struggled and how he was learning from his mistakes. Anthony Hopkins gave up alcohol and forgave himself for the time he had spent addicted to it, and Pitt realized how important that is. Pitt knows that too many people are ready to cancel you when you make mistakes and that it is the modern way to move on from one celebrity and find someone better when people find out about ugly things like alcoholism, but he doesn’t think that people should be so quick to give up on others. He knows that everyone makes mistakes and that it is what people do afterward and how they try to turn their lives around that is important. He says that it is interesting to him to see how others respond after they admit to their mistakes, and he enjoys watching them afterward to see what they do and how they turn their lives around. Pitt is friends with many in Hollywood and another older man that he has a good friendship with is Frank Gehry. The man is an architect in his nineties and just as creative as he has ever been. Pitt believes it is important to have a purpose in life, and for him, that means always being creative and also making time for the people he cares about.