Apparently, Afghanistan is not the only nation in which justice no longer seems to be a relevant aspect of everyday life. The Pakistan supreme court just ruled that Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh should be released from prison after being on death row for the beheading of 38-year-old journalist Daniel Pearl. Three other terrorists who were involved in his death were cleared of all charges a year ago.

They were originally found guilty of murder but one of the courts overturned their conviction & reduced the charge from murder to a simple kidnapping. So after 2 decades in a maximum-security prison, Sheikh was eventually able to walk out of prison a free man. Of course, this has left the Pearl family devastated as they have called the decision a complete travesty of justice & hopes that the legal system will do better in the future. In a recent statement, they said this decision puts the lives of all journalists in danger & called on the government to step in.

Sheikh’s defense attorney has since come out to say that he should not have spent any time in jail & he was the one who helped to get them out of prison in the first place. The parents of Pearl have since appealed the decision to acquit the men but this did not stop them from getting out of prison. Whether this appeal comes into play in the future of the case remains to be seen at this time.