The majority of the time, one would assume that a youngster looks up to an adult rather than the other way around. This is not always the case, however. Even though these two youngsters are setting a fine example for adults, they also do it themselves.

On that day, the remains of Charles Everette Yorn, a veteran who had not been previously known to these boys, were interred.

The veteran was a member of the United States military for about 30 years before he retired. He subsequently worked for a medical technology firm in the United States after his military service was completed. He had been working there for 32 years at the time of his death.

These two youngsters were having a wonderful time racing down the street on their bikes near their homes in Indiana when they became aware of a funeral procession. They immediately came to a halt and walked away. As soon as “Taps” began playing, they got off their bikes. They stood motionless, with their arms folded behind them, appearing to pay homage.

The actions of the youths were not going unnoticed.

When Jacqi Hornbach walked by, it was already happening. She decided to have a picture of their act of kindness on film.

She said: “To see these two young boys immediately stop and pay their respects to a passed serviceman, without any prompting or knowledge of anyone watching, was just so touching to see.”

She eventually decided to post the pictures online, despite her fears. She knew it would be a good idea to share them and took the plunge.

With all of the horrible events that have occurred recently, the world is in dire need of something good.

She posted on Facebook: “I debated whether or not to post this, but with all the negative things going on, I thought this was needed. I was dog-sitting for a friend last week and was enjoying the nice weather outside when a funeral procession came into the cemetery across the street. These two young men were riding their bikes and saw the flag of the deceased military man.”

“They immediately stopped riding, got off their bikes, and stood with respect as TAPS was being played. I had to snap a pic as I was so proud of these two young men. Their parents should be so proud, and im sure the serviceman was in heaven smiling down on them.“

The video of the youngsters has gone viral, and their actions on that day affected people all around the world.

One person wrote: “Those young men were taught respect and understand the sacrifice that Veteran and all Veterans have made for our country this act is something we don’t see to often anymore their parents are raising amazing young men”

Another user said: “There’s your hope and change right there. Good going young men…”

And Another commented: “Thank you for posting this. There are good children in the world. They outnumber the bad but it’s the bad that make the news. These young men were raised the right way. Kudos to the parents.”

In this day and age, more individuals need people like these two youths. Children may be seen as a negative at times. Even young children can perform remarkable things if they put their minds to it, as these boys have demonstrated. There’s no doubting that their parents are overjoyed with them.