A Christian organization is standing firm against the outrageous claims made by the radical leftist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez regarding their Super Bowl ads showcasing positive messages about Jesus Christ. In a display of unwavering faith and commitment to spreading the message of love and compassion, the group known as “He Gets Us” purchased two ad slots during the Super Bowl to bring the light of Jesus to the masses.

It was in February of 2023 that AOC decided to unleash her venomous attack on these heartwarming ads, sparking a firestorm of controversy. Her ill-informed and misguided comments only served to reveal her ignorance when it comes to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Accusing the ads of promoting fascism, AOC demonstrated just how out of touch she is with the true message of Jesus and the values that he stood for.

Despite the backlash from AOC and her followers, the ads themselves were a beacon of hope and unity. Contrary to AOC’s baseless accusations, the ads portrayed Jesus as a figure of compassion and inclusivity, reaching out to all individuals regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs. This message of love and acceptance is what the world truly needs, especially in a time of division and hostility.

In response to the misguided criticisms from AOC, the spokesperson for He Gets Us, Jason Vanderground, reaffirmed the organization’s mission to reintroduce people to the authentic Jesus as described in the Bible. By dispelling misconceptions and highlighting the radical compassion and love that Jesus embodied, He Gets Us aims to inspire hope and forgiveness in a world filled with cynicism and doubt.

The two ads featured during the Super Bowl were a testament to the power of love and kindness. The first ad encouraged viewers to embrace a childlike innocence and kindness towards one another, while the second ad promoted the idea of inclusion and understanding. Both messages resonated with audiences, spreading a message of hope and unity in a world marred by division and discord.

It is clear that AOC’s criticisms of the ads were unwarranted and misinformed. Instead of understanding the true message behind the ads, she chose to attack them based on her own biases and prejudices. In a world that desperately needs the message of love and acceptance, it is heartening to see organizations like He Gets Us stepping up to spread the light of Jesus to all corners of society.