Most people in the United States know that Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House. She has had quite a few things to say about former President Donald Trump. Most of the things that she has said haven’t been very nice. Bob Woodward and Robert Costa recently shared details in a book that could paint Pelosi in an odd light. It seems as though Pelosi feared that Trump would become angry with China after the election in 2020. Before that could happen, she was able to get in a few words about a certain body part of Trump’s. Allegedly, Pelosi made a comment about Trump’s “fat butt”, which has made the anti-Trump group happy while causing a stir among those who believe Trump should be back in the White House.

Meetings took place after the January 6 event in Washington to try to limit Trump’s power. The book entitled “Peril” talks about some of the comments that Pelosi made about Trump’s butt while she was exchanging a few heated words with Milley. This was at a time when Milley was said to have gone behind Trump and contacted some of the higher-ups in China without Trump knowing what was happening. Milley tried to offer warnings about a possible attack that Trump could have carried out. He was also part of the people conspiring to try to keep the nuclear codes away from Trump so that he wouldn’t be limited as to how he could attack China if the decision ever came to fruition.

Milley is one of the people who suspected that Trump’s mental status changed a bit after he lost the election. Milley then talked to Pelosi about the plan that he had at the time. Pelosi was of the same opinion about Trump’s mental status and went on to talk about how he was being crazy after the election and when the event took place on January 6. She went on to ask if anyone was “kissing his fat butt” in Washington in regards to the events. This wasn’t the first time that Pelosi made comments about Trump’s weight. She has shared that she doesn’t know how other people in the White House or in Congress could agree with his actions and that the things that he has done have impacted the entire country. Some believe that Trump is at least partially to blame for what happened in Washington and wants to make sure that he doesn’t escape punishment, especially Pelosi. She has also made remarks about Trump being “unhinged” and that someone should have tried to intervene. Other details in the book include Pelosi questioning whether or not there could be any possibility that nuclear codes could be kept from Trump due to his unstable mental health.