After Claudia, a 74-year-old Porsche executive, developed dementia two years ago, her husband Wolfgang found it almost unbearable to witness the devastating toll it was taking on his beloved wife. He refused to accept that this is how their life together would have to be from then on and instead fought back with all he had – determined not only for himself but also for his 79-year-old spouse whom he loves dearly.

After 25 years of friendship, the automobile tycoon has finally decided to move in with his much younger companion and love interest, Gabriele Prinzessin zu Leiningen. The 59-year-old former model is twenty years Porsche’s junior – a true testimony to their undeniable connection! His shocking decision to leave his wife for this newfound romance surprises many, but it appears as though nothing will stand between them now that they are living together.

Gabriele proclaimed to the Austrian media that she and the Porsche executive had chosen to move in together, so they wouldn’t needlessly be apart. What didn’t seem to concern either of them was that by doing this, Porsche was leaving his wife alone at a time when she needed him most – as she tried her best to cope with dementia’s effects on both her mind and behavior.

At this moment, it is uncertain as to whether Porsche and Gabriele have decided to settle in Porsche‚Äôs picturesque estate situated in Zell am See, Austria or in the lavish villa of Gabriele’s located near Munich, Germany. Regardless of their chosen destination, however; both parties possess considerable wealth and authority – ensuring that they can look forward to an unforgettable stay together!

Porsche has declared his divorce from Claudia, who had been married to him for 16 years due to her deteriorating health which includes dementia. According to Bild’s sources close to the couple, it is said that living with Claudia became a struggle now since her cognitive and mental condition altered drastically.

For two years, four devoted caretakers have diligently looked after Claudia – a beloved grandmother who suffers from an insidious dementia-like disorder. She has been immobile and experienced an immense mental decline during this time period. Despite her medical condition, the compassionate staff members remain at her side day and night to ensure she receives the best possible care.

Porsche’s family fortune is reportedly estimated at a staggering twenty billion euros. His current partner, Inaara Aga Khan (formerly known as Gabriele) was born in Frankfurt, Germany on April 1963. She married Prince Karl Emich of Leiningen back in 1991 and is said to be the heir of the dissolved House of Romanov dynasty featured recently in several TV shows. After divorcing from her first husband she tied the knot with Karim Aga Khan IV, 86-year-old Nizari Ismailis Imam considered an immediate descendant of Prophet Mohammed himself!

Gabriele and Porsche have been close companions for many years, but it looks like they are ready to deepen their relationship. What will become of Claudia is unclear, however – her condition has declined significantly in recent months. Additionally, because of her ill health resembling dementia, Porsche’s divorce petition may not be granted by the courts. It remains to be seen what lies ahead as Gabriele and Porsche transition into a new chapter together.