President Biden created a stir on Thursday when he unexpectedly walked off the set of a live television interview on MSNBC before the show had even gone to a commercial break. The incident occurred while the cameras were still rolling, capturing the moment when Biden rose from his chair, exchanged a handshake with host Nicolle Wallace, and awkwardly exited the scene after expressing gratitude for the rare opportunity to be interviewed.

Typically, it is uncommon for guests to leave the set of cable news shows before the host transitions to a commercial break. Consequently, the clip of Biden’s unexpected departure quickly went viral, with many questioning the president’s actions during a live TV appearance. Former Republican National Committee staffer Steve Guest voiced his astonishment on Twitter, exclaiming, “WHAT ON EARTH IS JOE BIDEN DOING? It’s live TV!” Former Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also took to Twitter, sharing the video and summarizing it as “The Biden Presidency in one clip.”

Speculation arose regarding the reasons behind Biden’s sudden exit. Media Research Center associate editor Nicholas Fondacaro humorously suggested that Biden may have needed a bathroom break, stating, “Bathroom run? Biden gets out of his seat before the commercials start and awkwardly walks off-set.” Meanwhile, media and political consultant Jim Pfaff took a more lighthearted approach, tweeting, “Oh goodness! Joe Biden is really lost.”

Despite the unexpected conclusion to the interview, President Biden managed to discuss several topics during the approximately 20-minute conversation. One notable subject was the recent Supreme Court ruling that banned affirmative action in higher education acceptance decisions. Biden expressed his belief that many Americans disagreed with the court’s decisions, but he stopped short of endorsing calls for court packing with liberal judges. “I think it’s a mistake,” Biden asserted, emphasizing concerns about the potential long-term politicization of the court.

As discussions surrounding Biden’s impromptu departure continue to circulate, the incident serves as a reminder that even in live television settings, unexpected moments can capture public attention and ignite widespread curiosity.