On SuperTuesday in Massachusetts Joe Biden had 37 delegates, Bernie Sanders had 29 delegates, Elizabeth Warren had 25 delegates and Michael Bloomberg had 0 delegates. The results prompted President Donald Trump to tweet a response. He called Elizabeth Warren selfish for staying in the race while being so far behind.

He insists that it hurt Bernie Sanders badly. He pointed out that they aren’t talking anymore and that she cost him Massachusetts on SuperTuesday. Some people think sexism in politics is why Elizabeth Warren lost. President Trump soon told reporters that Elizabeth Warren’s lack of talent was the reason she left the race, not sexism in politics. He continued that she was an unpleasant person and people dislike her. He stated that her downfall was her unbelievable lack of talent. She was great at debating and it ruined Mike Bloomberg’s campaign. People prefer someone that isn’t mean like President Trump.

Bette Midler is a 74-year-old actor known for her role in Hocus Pocus. She was supporting Michael Bloomberg during the Democratic primary race until he quit on SuperTusday after he gained no delegates in Massachusetts. The day before the President tweeted about Elizabeth Warren, she positively tweeted about Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. She responded to the tweets by President Trump with three tweets. She called President Trump an MF who left children with aluminum blankets in cages and has no room to say she has no talent. She continued to say that the reason he doesn’t like her is that she is against corruption.

She continues to call Trump a traitor and the biggest criminal in US history. The tweet was followed by two more tweets. Elizabeth Warren is a powerhouse and a leader. She then said Elizabeth Warren was far more liked than Trump. She then said President Trump was the most repulsive man in the world. Her final tweet showed some support for Elizabeth Warren while saying she was a tremendous candidate. She loved her platform, character and her willingness to move corruption out of DC. Bette Midler concluded with saying Americans are afraid of intelligent women. Trump never responded to her tweets but believes Elizabeth Warren hurt Bernie Sanders’s campaign.

Elizabeth Warren suspended her campaign two days after coming in third in Massachusetts during SuperTuesday. Now the Democratic race is Joe Biden vs Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren said she has immense gratitude for everyone who joined her in the fight with her campaign. She was inspired by each new idea and the glimpse of what being a leader is. She confirmed that her campaign was ended, but she was not out of the fight. She insisted that she would still fight for the people left behind by big politics and felt sad for the young girls who have to wait until the next election in 2024. She started in third place of the Democratic candidates and ended her campaign in fifth place. This incident was about Elizabeth Warren, but this is just one of many Twitter attacks between Bette Midler and President Donald Trump. The two have been lashing out at each other on twitter for months. In June 2019, she retweeted a false quote by Trump about calling Republican supporters stupid. While she apologized for the fake tweet, he called her a psycho and washed up.