It is with a heavy heart that we mourn the loss of beloved Mexican entertainer Julián Figueroa, who passed away at age 27 according to Mexico’s National Association of Performers.

The National Association of Performers issued a statement in Spanish, translated to English as: ‘The National Association of Performers communicates the death of member Julián Figueroa.’

The statement added: ‘Actor and singer, has launched various albums like Julián Figueroa y su banda.’ To his family and friends, our sincerest condolences.’

People have reported that Figueroa passed away in Mexico City on Sunday and was working on a solo album as well as acting in the telenovela ‘Mi camino es amarte’ before his untimely death.

Both of his parents were in show business: the late Joan Sebastian, who passed away in 2015 and was a renowned singer; as well as Maribel Guardia, an acclaimed actress.

On Monday, Guardia took to Instagram to share her heart-wrenching tale of losing her son.

In a post that was translated from Spanish to English, she declared ‘It saddens me to announce the passing of my beloved son Julián Figueroa, who has unfortunately preceded us in parting from this level.’

Guardia claimed she was at the theatre when her son was unexpectedly discovered in an unconscious state within their home.

‘They called 911 and when the ambulance and police arrived, they found him already lifeless, with no traces of violence,’ Guardia stated. ‘The medical report indicates that he died of an acute myocardial infarction and ventricular fibrillation.’

Guardia asked for seclusion for the family, and stated that funeral arrangements will remain confidential.

Figueroa’s renowned tunes such as Volaré and Cómo Olvidar have gained immense popularity.

On May 5th, Ariel Figueroa was due to turn 28. He is the son of late singer Sebastian and one of eight brothers; tragically two of his siblings, Trigo Figueroa and Juan Sebastián, were killed in 2006 and 2010 respectively as reported by People magazine.

Ime Garza, beloved wife of the late Figueroa, and their son José Julián (who is six years old) carry on his legacy.

On Saturday, in what would be his last Instagram post, Figueroa paid tribute to the anniversary of his beloved father’s birthday.

He added a description to the photo – a treasured photograph of him with his beloved late father during their childhood. – ‘How slowly eight years have passed, since the day you left time tastes bitter. And people proclaim time has to fix everything, but it’s a vile lie every day it hurts more and without fear of hurting susceptibilities… here they go.’

He concluded his heartfelt post with the following words, ‘To hell with the Grammys with the fame and the money cause my only wish is to hold you… one more time.’