Hooman Nouri is comedian and youtube prankster that brings tons of hilarious videos. Hooman’s videos including public bathroom pranks, gold digger pranks, picking up Uber passengers in Lamborghinis and many others. Since 2004, Hooman has been arranging, shooting, and uploading these unique and gut-busting videos. Shot on location in Los Angeles California, Hooman travels around the city in search of the perfect place to shoot his video. Hooman’s youtube channel has amassed over one billion views, with over seven million subscribers. Hooman creates these hilarious prank videos, to allow us a break from our daily grind, to relax and enjoy a good laugh.
Shampoo Prank Part 7 (cold water edition)!

The idea behind Hooman’s shampoo pranks is he finds unsuspecting victims and secretly adds shampoo to their hair while they are in the showers. Hooman adding shampoo to the victim’s hair without them knowing drives them crazy, as they try and understand why the shampoo seems to increase the more they attempt to wash it out.

In this video, Hooman sets up his prank at the outside showers at the beach, and this time instead of just adding shampoo, Hooman adds insult to hilarious injury by pouring ice-cold water on their heads. The video opens with a colossal bodybuilder unknowingly falling into Hooman’s prank trap, as he makes his way across the hot sand to the shower area. Once at the shower, the bodybuilder sets his bag down and begins to shower. Our victim takes out his shampoo and starts to wash his hair, and up to this point, everything is going according to the plan of our bodybuilder.

What the bodybuilder doesn’t know, Hooman is right behind the shower wall with a bottle of his prankster shampoo; this shampoo produces more soapsuds than usual. As our victim proceeds to wash off, Hooman secretly pours his specially formulated shampoo on the bodybuilders head. Instead of rinsing the shampoo from his head, the bodybuilder notices the suds seem to be increasing. Unable to open his eyes, the bodybuilder becomes more and more angry, as he can’t understand why the shampoo won’t rinse out.

The more inflamed the bodybuilder grows, the funnier the video becomes. After several attempts, with no luck to wash out the shampoo, Hooman pours cold water to the body builder’s head and more shampoo. After several minutes of frustration, a guy comes up and tells the bodybuilder to look at Hooman, at which point he realizes Hooman has been pranking him. The bodybuilder proceeds to chase Hooman in an attempt to pummel him. Just before Hooman is beating to a pulp, he lets the bodybuilder in on the joke and points out the cameras. The bodybuilder begins to laugh as he realizes there are cameras, and this has all been a joke.

There are also two unsuspecting beachgoers, this time a couple of girls, who make their way to the outdoor showers. As they attempt to wash their hair, Hooman again pours shampoo in their hair as we watch them struggle while laughing hysterically. Eventually, Hooman pours cold water over their heads, adding to their confusion. Hooman repeats this for a couple, and another beech goer as they have no idea why they can’t seem to wash the shampoo out.