At some point in our lives we’ve bumped into someone with horrible discipline. Rather it was someone in the office that didn’t pull their weight or coworkers that got caught sleeping on the job, these people can pull a company down. With Instagram changing their ‘likes’ feature on their popular platform, many newfound influencers are suffering as a result.

In case you’re wondering, an influencer is an individual that has amassed a large following through posting various pictures of themselves and their friends. These individuals reach out to companies and brands to negotiate sponsorship programs that pay the influencer when they post pictures of their products or services. However, one Instagram model — who wishes to remain anonymous — is catching major flack for comments she made about the new change on the platform.

“With the changes made to the like count on Instagram, I’m having to put in eight-hour days just to maintain my lifestyle,” exclaims the model when she appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show. This online celebrity claims she’s amassed a following of over 250,000 individuals that interact and engage with every posts that she makes. Many of her posts pertain to certain airlines who pay the model and give her free flights as a means of promotion to her followers.

Confused by all of this, Kyle Sandilands — one of the co-hosts of the show — asked the woman how she earns a living. The anonymous model went on to say that for, roughly, every thousand likes she gets on a particular post, she earns AU$1,000. She goes on to explain that how much an influencer gets paid greatly depends on their audience size, their post interaction from their fans and the brand in question. In essence, the more followers and interactions you have on any particular post, the more money in your pocket — not bad!

However, it’s not just the anonymous woman that’s suffering financially because of the change that Instagram has made. Sandilands went on to discuss a popular video from another influencer named Mikaela Testa. Testa posted a tear-filled video criticizing the new changes that the platform has made. “I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears into my brand and every other online business is suffering because of this change,” exclaimed Testa.

The changes to the likes feature, in a way, reduces the amount of money that an online personality can make through their profile. More of these individuals are beginning to make heartfelt videos to Instagram encouraging them to revert their changes back to the way that it used to be. What do you think? Do you feel as though these online personalities have had their time to shine and it’s time to come back to reality? Do you feel as though making these girls work an 8-hour shift is a way of introducing them back to how the general population lives? Or, perhaps, you can feel their pain and would never want a pay cut at random? Many feel that the comments made by these top influencers are comical at best given that the general population works 8-hour shifts and makes a fraction of what these people earn.