In a viral TikTok video, a resourceful bartender named Benji Spears, hailing from the United States, shared his unique strategy for discretely cutting off excessively drunk customers. However, this seemingly innocent trick has ignited a passionate discussion across social media platforms. Some argue that deceiving patrons, especially paying ones seeking a night of revelry, is not an ethical approach.

Spears, deftly employing his technique, pours beverages to give the appearance of adding alcohol, even when he refrains from doing so. This particular TikTok video has amassed a staggering 7.5 million views and continues to capture attention. The clip showcases Spears placing a glass brimming with ice on the counter, followed by a stream of soda water into the glass. He then tilts a bottle of alcohol as if pouring it, but in reality, he withholds the liquid courage, substituting it with a non-alcoholic beverage.

With a reassuring shout to the customer, “Yeah, you’re good, babe; I’ve got you,” Spears convincingly creates the illusion of serving them an alcoholic concoction. However, in reality, he discreetly offers them a soft drink instead.

The bartender’s engaging presence on the popular Chinese-created social media platform has garnered him an extensive following of over 1.5 million people who eagerly consume his content showcasing the life of a busy bartender.

In the aforementioned video, Benji Spears expertly swirls the glass of soda, adds a slice of lime, and promises the paying customer that a “strong one is coming right up.”

Accompanying his viral video, Spears includes a caption that reads, “When your drunk bestie is insisting on another drink, but you know they have to work in the morning.”

Opinions on Spears’ trick have been divided on TikTok. While some users applaud the bartender for his efforts to safeguard inebriated individuals, others believe he is cheating customers out of their desired beverages..

One TikTok commenter expressed gratitude, stating, “As someone who always asks for one drink too many… you are doing the Lord’s work out there!” Another commenter chimed in, saying, “All bartenders need to do this!! Kudos to you!!” Yet another individual shared, “I’d feel so safe at your bar.”

Nevertheless, for every impressed viewer, there are numerous others who feel that Spears’ tactic is dishonest and deprives patrons of the drinks they genuinely desire. A furious TikTok user exclaimed, “Remind me never to go to this bar,” while someone else maintained, “I don’t care how many drinks or beers I had, I would pick up on this immediately.” Adding a playful touch, another commenter humorously stated, “Don’t ever do me like that. Give me extra.”

Now, the question remains: Should this bartender be commended for his service or criticized for withholding alcohol from intoxicated customers?