Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, in Glasglow, Scotland to be precise, there lived a young King, Josh Jaconelli. Josh is the loving father of six-year old Princess Ava. Josh loved Ava dearly and would do anything to ensure the happiness of his beloved daughter. Halloween was quickly approaching and Josh wanted to provide Ava with a Halloween she would never forget. Josh wanted a costume so magical that millions of people would come from far and wide to marvel at his princess. And they did just that, when Josh constructed an amazing DIY costume for his daughter, Princess Ava. See, Halloween costumes are not often made taking differently-abled children such as Ava into consideration so Josh decided to take the project into his own hands.

Ava suffers from a rare genetic malformation disorder known as Aicardi Syndrome, which includes symptoms of retinal abnormalities and seizures, resulting in Ava being confined to a wheelchair. Aicardi syndrome occurs almost always in females, before 5 months of age, and when the Corpus Callosum (the part of the brain that connects the left hemisphere and right hemisphere to one another) is completely or partially missing. Most of the known cases appear sporadically, meaning they are not hereditary and they typically do not present in other members of the family. Treatment for Aicardi syndrome involves management of seizures and early/continuing intervention for associated developmental delays. Josh began thinking about how he could incorporate Avas wheelchair into her Halloween costume, and what he constructed with his own hands was amazing!

Every beautiful princess needs a beautiful carriage- Barbara Kane, Love this so much! Thanks for showing us! – Kristina Alustiza, One of my fave wheelchair costumes Ive seen so far- Ashley Roth Bittany, and This is beautiful for your baby girl…God bless her always- Mariela Y. Eduardo Ozuna, are only just a few of the many comments Josh Jaconelli received on his social media Facebook account. Since posting the picture and a video of Ava in her Beautiful blue princess gown and riding in her Cinderella carriage, Josh has received over 2000 comments, 25,000 likes, and 44,000 shares on multiple social media platforms. Bibbidy, Bobbity, Boo, Josh wins Father of the year, or better yet, Fairy Godfather of the year for transforming his very own Cinderellas wheelchair into a do-it-yourself carriage fit for a fairytale. Thats right, Josh transformed his beautiful princess Avas wheelchair into the carriage of her dreams simply with 3 easily accessible materials found in local stores. Plumbing pipes, garland tinsel, and fairly lights are what make up Avas carriage. Josh used Avas wheelchair as the base of the carriage and from the bottom of chair, upward, and over the top of the wheelchair, built the structure to resemble a carriage. Josh then covered the plumbing pipe in a sparkling tinsel garland and then added eye catching glowing fairy lights that illuminated the carriage and Princess Ava in her shimmering blue gown. To top it all off, Josh crowned the top of the carriage with a paper crown. Ava had a fairytale ending to an unforgettable Halloween as a beautiful carriage fit for a future queen carried a beautiful and stunning princess!