Emitting a healthy aura and striking resemblance to his father, Joseph Baena flashed a smile to the cameras while out and about in Malibu recently. While many people prompt us to ponder where you have seen them before, most of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fans felt that he had gone back in time. His 18 year old son fathered with his housekeeper proves that the apple does not fall far from the tree in Austria.An affair that occurred in the 90’s could not be kept in the dark for long.

With their housekeeper sporting a son with this level of resemblance, Arnold’s wife at the time saw the writing on the wall. Maria Shriver divorced him with this being one of the central issues. The former governor of California is hopeful that time will heal all wounds not only with his ex but his other four children as well.

Arnold is impassioned at the prospects that in the future that they can all get along.The only odd man out might be former Twin’s star Danny Devito. A classic comedy that played on the pun of two twins that could not look farther apart. Now it appears that Arnold has his own twin in his son, Joseph Baena. Let us hope the process of forgiveness can play out so that all of Arnold’s children can get along during his golden years.