There are two sides to every narrative, and likewise two sides to the mind.

However, the majority of people notice that one side appears to be more powerful than the other. And this optical illusion from Bright Side might help you figure out which side of the brain — left or right — is superior.

Although they may appear to be the same, each side of the brain processes information differently, with both working together to assist us in navigating our complicated world. The left side of the brain is typically associated with logic and analysis, whereas the right is known for its association with imagination and intuition.

Two jungle dwellers are pictured in the illustration below: a tiger and a monkey. Which one you see first may be indicative of whether you have a “left-brained” or “right-brained” orientation.


If you observed the head of a tiger first, it’s probable that you’re left-brain dominant.

It implies you are a planner and that your emotions get in the way of your objectives. You’re also logical, realistic, and precise in all of your actions.

“You are an analytical person, very goal-oriented and organized. When faced with a problem you tend to be logical, calculative, and objective.”


You might be right-brain dominant if you saw a monkey hanging from a tree. These people are more often artists and daydreamers who take action based on their emotions rather than facts. You may also be slightly more impulsive.

“You are a creative person who is full of innovative ideas. When faced with a problem you rely more on your intuition (which more often than not is correct) than on critical thinking.”

Just because you’re left-brain dominant or right-brain dominant, it doesn’t imply that a creative left-brain dominant person can’t exist, and it also doesn’t mean that an organized right-brain dominant individual can’t be. Rather, the two halves balance each other out and collaborate to form a whole brain.

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