Gotta figure out them all!

Another day, yet another wildlife adventure for the eyes: animal lovers are urged to identify 10 creatures in this current viral optical illusion that is spreading across the internet.

Only 10% of individuals can identify all ten creatures in this visual menagerie within 15 seconds, according to

The visual jigsaw is particularly difficult. At first look, the sketch appears to be just a mountain, trees, a river, and some rocks.

However, hidden within this seemingly featureless environment are ten creatures that you may easily miss: a parrot, a bull, an elephant, a deer, a crocodile, a horse, a goose, a fox, and even someone. Some users state they’ve seen a frog.

Fortunately, the site offers helpful hints on where to find them, including the information that the elephant, deer, and crocodile all reside near each other. The crocodile is positioned above a horse and a goose if you’re looking for more clues.

The parrot and bull are perched in the tree, while the smoking man is to the left of it, and the rooster is in a surprising place.

Are you still looking for a particular animal? Not to worry, JagranJosh includes a color-coded answer key so that viewers may view all of the camouflaged creatures — with the exception of the frog — in full clarity.

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