A video of a confused woman in Amsterdam attempting to climb up a downward moving escalator is going viral.

Though the well-dressed middle-aged woman does not look like a typical “drug tourist,” her behavior in the 30-second video clip is making many people wonder if she is.

In Amsterdam, tourists and locals alike can smoke marijuana in “coffee shops” without any fear of criminal charges. The video clip of the confused escalator rider was captured by a person in a busy shopping mall.

What makes the clip so funny is the sincere manner in which the woman attempts to walk up the escalator and the embarrassed expression on her face when she realizes what she has been doing.

After taking several steps and getting no further, the woman pauses briefly before beginning her futile journey once again. She then stops and allows the escalator to carry her down to the bottom where she finally notices that she has taken the wrong path.

There are many videos of wrong-way escalator riders on Youtube, but most of them seem like people that are just having some fun. Children, and child-like adults, would love the challenge of trying to race up a downward moving escalator and make it to the top.

The woman in Amsterdam, on the other hand, was clearly not climbing up the hill-to-nowhere on purpose.