Several things make Melania Trump a unique first lady of the United States of America, and one thing that is easy to notice about her compared to the previous first ladies is that she is much more private. She prefers to keep her personal life to herself more than others, such as the last first lady, Michelle Obama. She is also unique because she was not born in the United States, but is an immigrant. John Quincy Adams’ wife was the only other immigrant first lady in the history of the United States, and she was born in England. Melania Trump was born in Slovenia, a communist country in Europe, in 1970.

Melania Trump is also unique because she can speak multiple languages, which is most likely due to her being an immigrant to the country. She is fluent in English, German, Italian, French, Serbian, and Slovenian. She is very smart, and she can communicate with people from all around the world, which is helpful as the president’s wife. She breaks the record for the most languages spoken by the first lady. Melania Trump is a former model, which also makes her unique from other first ladies. She had a successful modeling career and even starred in a TV commercial in 2005. It was an advertisement for the insurance company Aflac, and she was in the advertisement alongside the iconic Aflac Duck. She is known as being one of the tallest first ladies in history, tying with Michelle Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt at just under six feet. Melania is President Trump’s third wife, which also makes her different than previous first ladies, as none of them was the president’s third spouse.

Melania is catholic, which makes her different than other first ladies for a few reasons. President Trump is a Presbyterian, and they may be the first presidential couple to have different religious views. Melania is also only the second first lady to be a practicing catholic. She is not afraid to be different than anyone, not even her husband, and that makes her very unique. She shows how far an immigrant in America can go, as she first had a successful modeling career and then became the first lady, and her fluency in several languages is another reason to look up to her. She didn’t have much privacy as a model, but she prefers to have a quieter life now that she is serving as the first lady of the United States. She is very different than the previous first lady and all of those who came before her, but she doesn’t like to share too much about her personal life, so people don’t know her as well as they have the others.