Alicia Whitten, a model, recently tried to beat the time of a professional racecar driver. Alicia was driving a Lancer EVO, and the pro racer was driving an SUV. The drivers name is Roger Yasukawa.

There was also a lot of extra time to have fun on the tracks during the event. The Pro Racecar driver talked about the fun challenge of trying to make a fuel efficient car go as fast as possible even though it was designed to be a family car.

He said he was going to go full out with it, and see what it does. Alicia said alright, well see buddy, to that comment. The pro driver then took on the course in the SUB, getting at 1:11.7. He said Not bad for a compact SUV, and that it had some understeer because of the high center of gravity, but that the handling was not too bad. He then said that it was your turn to try to beat my time, to Alicia.

Next, Alicia went up in the Lancer and took on the course. She said, Oh yeah Im gonna beatcha alright since you got a family car and I got the Lancer EVO. The pro asked Alicia whether she thinks she can beat his time, and she says she has 300 horsepower on her side as well as how big things come in small packages so you better watch out.

The pro said she would do alright, and that its not an easy course because of all of the heavy turns. He also said, but my career is at stake, so I hope she doesnt beat me. In the end, Alicia got stuck a few times but finally came in at 1:12.1.

This means that the pro only barely staid ahead of her! She said that the car handles amazing and that she loves it afterward. She said that she was sad she couldnt quite beat him, but she also demanded a rematch in the winter with a newer car.

The pro trolled her a bit by saying that they were going to make sure that Alicia had the nav system next time, for just in case she gets lost in the car. It was a fun event all around for the contestants based on the way that they reacted to everything.

There was a lot of good-natured sparring between the two. They also showed the two cars side by side at the end, and the EVO was noticeably closer to the ground. It also had double the horsepower of what the SUV had.

But still, the pro did say that it was impressive that the model got so close to his time even though she was in the better car, considering she had no training whatsoever and he had been doing it his whole life, including in a professional fashion. Many people seemed highly interested in the novelty of the competition and how skill matched up against quality of the car.