Christie is now 65, believe it or not, and shes still known as bikini bombshell. Recently, she went on a boating vacation with her friends Erica Pelosini and Louis Leeman to the coast of Long Island.

She added a bunch of photos to her Instagram showing how the trip with her friends went. Erica Pelosini is a designer who comes from the country of Italy, and Christies other friends is a show designer that comes from the Netherlands. Louis also got married in the Capri region during 2014, just a few years ago. She had a white two-piece bikini underneath her special net dress.

She had platinum blonde hair and huge sunglasses. Christie said that she enjoyed the boat ride even though it was rough. Erica had her Gucci bag and showed off her middle that showed her white bikini which was a match for the quilted Gucci.

The Instagram media showed Christie bouncing around on the boat. It also showed some photos with Christie sheltering her eyes from the sun and hanging out with her friends wearing sunglasses and straw hats.

The shoot also showed Louis wearing a denim shirt with a barrel chest and big forearms. Christie had text hoping that everyone had a beautiful Saturday on the Instagram video that shows them cruising through the water near the coast as well.

A second video showed Christie next to a man who is driving and whistling while in a blue hoodie and a blue hat. Christie is constantly talking about how rough it is in the video which is buffeted by the wind in terms of sound as they all ride around on a boat. Many people have noticed how good Christie still looks even at the age of 65.

This helps give many people hope for the future that they can look as good as the older actress who has been in the public spotlight nearly her entire life. Its an example for them on how to age gracefully and look the way they want no matter how much time goes by. The model appeared to have a lot of fun on her day out in the sun, boating on the water, though it was considerably rough out there.

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Hats Off to all my friends here on my page for your enthusiasm and kind words of support for this incredible adventure Im on playing Roxie Hart in Chicago the Musical! A couple times The nerves got the better of me and I started to wonder if maybe Id bitten off more than I could chew. Then I would see some of your comments and feel your interest and support and I would feel better. So while I dont always have time to respond I just want you to know that I am grateful for your sweetness and kind hearts and words …and its my greatest hope that if you do make it to a show that you enjoy yourself and have a wonderful time! ( because we have such a talented and amazing cast I know that will be the case!) Standing O for from me to all of you ! With love ????????? #musicaltheatre #musical #musicaltheater #broadway

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She was with all of her friends and they took a huge number of Instagram photos so that all of her additional friends out in the world on Instagram could enjoy the party as well. Christie is active on Instagram and many of the people watching the events unfold on Instagram are interested in the womans life and everything that happens with her. Its possible to do this now due to it being the digital age in a way that was considerably less possible during the periods in the past. You can have a catalog of everything that happens these days, and this is clearly what Christie and her model friends are doing, and having a great time while doing it.